Crook loots candy store with a stun gun


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Sugar rush

A nogoodnik robbed a candy store with a stun gun on Flatbush Avenue Ext. on Sept. 4.

Store employees told police that the sinister sweet tooth stole the sugary treats from the shop at Fulton Street just after 8 pm, and when they tried to stop the candy crook, he threatened them with a taser and ran off.

Arms attack 

A gunman shot a guy in the arm at St. Edwards Street on Aug. 31.

The victim told police that he heard gunshots between Park Avenue and Monument Walk at 9:20 pm, before realizing that he’d been hit in the arm.

The wounded man then flagged down a car, which drove him to Brooklyn Hospital for treatment, according to police reports.

Diner defender

A restaurant owner scared away a would-be robber on S. Portland Avenue on Sept 3.

The victim told police that the bozo went behind the register and told her to put the money in a bag inside the eatery between Hanson Place and Fulton Street just before 8 pm, before the victim’s husband came over and caused the criminal to bolt.

Assault on aisle five

A supermarket employee fractured a bone after a coworker shoved her to the ground on Fulton Street on Aug. 20.

The victim told police that he victim was about to get off work from the store between St. James and Cambridge places at 8 pm, when the cad colleague pushed her, causing her to slip and fracture her clavicle bone. 

Cop puncher

Police arrested a man for allegedly punching a fellow boy-in-blue at a Dekalb Avenue hospital on Sept. 4.

The victim told his fellow police that he was guarding the suspect at the health facility near Ashland Place around 11:30 am, when the man allegedly launched at him, punching him in the face.

Paramedics rushed the officer to Kingsbrook hospital, and another officer arrested the suspect on felony charges of assaulting a police officer, according to police reports.