88th Precinct: Bandits attack from behind

88th precinct station house
88th precinct station house.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Bandits attack from behind

Two bandits attacked a man as he walked to the subway on Vanderbilt Avenue on Jan. 24. 

Police said the pair of perps came up behind the victim near DeKalb Avenue just after midnight and started punching him. One pulled a closed pocketknife while demanding the victim’s wallet and phone, threatening to stab him, then forcibly grabbed the victim’s belongings out of his hands. The victim’s wallet contained his debit card and $846 in cash. The jerks then ran toward Myrtle Avenue.

Cops later found the wallet discarded in a sewer drain near Clinton Avenue.

Sneak in the store

Some sneak crept into a Greene Avenue shop and stole a load of goods on Jan. 25.

The victim said she was getting something from the back of the bodega near Grand Avenue at about 3pm when someone entered the store and went behind the register. He started piling items into his arms, and when the employee stepped in front of the thief to try to stop him from leaving, he shoved her out of the way and ran out the door. 

Room change rumble

A jerk allegedly attacked two people at a Carlton Avenue homeless shelter on Jan. 27.

Cops said the victims and the alleged attacker were arguing over a room change at 4pm when the baddie allegedly swung a metal box at the pair, hitting them in the head and leg, respectively, and leaving a pair of gashes.

Officers arrested the suspect on the scene while emergency responders treated the victims’ minor injuries.

Purse-snatcher on Ashland Place

A rustler stole a woman’s purse as she ran errands on Ashland Place on Jan. 22.

The victim told police she exited the Q train at Atlantic Terminal at about 12:40pm and stopped at Starbucks for a coffee before she headed to a grocery store near Lafayette Avenue. As she shopped, she realized her bright yellow tote bag – containing her wallet, credit and debit cards, and iPad, altogether worth over $1,300 — was missing. She tracked the iPad to a Flatbush Avenue store, where the thief also made a purchase on one of her cards, but did not find the bag. 

Motorcycle stolen

Some goon filched a motorcycle from DeKalb Avenue on Jan. 12.

Police said the driver parked his bike near Hudson Avenue at 7:45pm while he ran into a nearby fast food restaurant. He turned the motorcycle off and took the keys inside – but when he emerged from the eatery about five minutes later, the bike had disappeared. Cops were not able to track the motorcycle because it did not have license plates attached at the time of the theft.