88th Precinct: Cup of Joe-stice

88th precinct station house
88th precinct station house.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Cup of Joe-stice

Cops cuffed a 27-year-old man who allegedly assaulted a Fort Greene coffee shop worker during an attempted shoplifting on Feb. 13.

It is alleged that the perp entered KC14 Coffee Shop on Myrtle Avenue at around 2:20 p.m. that afternoon and attempted to shoplift several items. The 30-year-old worker who tried to intervene said she was struck in the face by the man and sustained two cuts on her hand during the altercation.

The 27-year-old alleged suspect fled the coffee shop shortly after but was arrested by patrolling officers days later on Feb. 22.

Not cool, aide

An 89-year-old woman has accused her home aide of stealing jewelry and cash with a combined value of $6,400.

The victim told cops that the female aide, employed by VNS Health, had been working at her Fort Greene residence for the last three months and is the only other person with access to the property.

According to the woman, the home attendant allegedly stole gold rings worth $1,000 and $5,400 in cash during the afternoon of Feb. 14. No arrests have been made as police continue to investigate.


Officers from the 88th Precinct are attempting to track down a perp who is accused of extorting $5,900 from a Clinton Hill man who he shared intimate photos with online.

The 37-year-old man reported that he started talking to a man he met online on Feb. 25, with both men exchanging nude pictures during the course of their conversation.

The online perp then sent the victim a screenshot of his Facebook friends’ list and told him that if he does not send him a gift card worth $5,900 he will share the victim’s nude photos with his friends and family. The victim immediately reported the incident to police who said the investigation is ongoing.