88th Precinct: Repeat robber returns to bodega

88th precinct station house
88th precinct station house.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Repeat robber returns

A repeat robber allegedly shoved an employee at a DeKalb Avenue business on Dec. 13.

Cops said the jerk walked into a commercial building near Carlton Avenue at about 3pm — much to the dismay of the people inside, who recognized her from past incidents — and pushed an employee out of her way. She then stole a box of matches and headed for the exit.

Police arrested the alleged perp on the scene.

Crooks steal cash, cigarettes from bodega

A crowd of crooks stole cash and other goods from a Waverly Avenue bodega on Dec. 15.

The victim, an employee said one of the three criminals pointed a gun at him while his two partners while his partners went around the counter and pocketed more than $3,000 in cash from the register, plus 30 packs of cigarettes and the victim’s iPhone at 9:25pm. Laden down with everything they could carry, the jerks — all wearing masks and dark hooded coats — ran north on toward Lafayette Avenue. The stolen phone was later found in Underwood Park.

Screwdriver stabbing

A woman allegedly attacked someone at a Tillary Street homeless shelter on Dec. 16.

The victim and the alleged perp were arguing inside the shelter near Gold Street just after 5pm when the assailant suddenly stabbed the victim in the neck with a screwdriver, police said. 

Cops arrested the attacker on the scene, and the victim was taken to Brooklyn Methodist Hospital for treatment. 

Construction site robbed, vandalized

Some creep ransacked a storage room at a Lafayette Avenue construction site sometime between Dec. 9 and 12.

According to police, the victim — a foreman on the construction project — locked up the storage room at about 6:30pm on Dec. 9. When he and his team returned to work on the morning of Dec. 12, they found that a crook had forced open a window and damaged an A/C vent in their attempts to get inside. The unknown thief had somehow stolen more than $12,000 worth of equipment and, for good measure, spray-painted words on the walls. 

Multiple motorcycles stolen in break-in

A thief broke into a Myrtle Avenue garage and stole multiple motorcycles sometime between Dec. 10 and 14.

The victim told police he locked both the garage and the gate before he left his home on the 10th. Four days later, when he returned, the gate was forced open and the lock was missing. Four motorcycles — owned by different people — had all been stolen.

All in all, the bikes were worth $22,000 in total.