Filchers rob pedestrian in Fort Greene Park

88th precinct station house
88th precinct station house
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Fort Greene filchers

A couple of filchers robbed someone walking through Fort Greene Park on Jan. 16.

The victim was walking near S Portland Avenue and DeKalb Avenue just after midnight when the thieves approached him from behind, put him in a chokehold, and started punching him, leaving him with cuts and bruises, then stoke his drivers license, more than $300 in cash, and a MetroCard.

Scaffold sneaks

Five brutes hiding under some scaffolding on Fort Greene Place tried to rob a man walking past on Jan. 16.

Police said the victim was walking near Fulton Street at about 5pm when he found himself surrounded by the group of would-be pickpockets, who tried to attack him and demanded his cell phone and money. He was able to dodge their attacks and run away, alerting a nearby police officer, who searched the area for the perpetrators without success.

Barber trading barbs

A barbershop customer was kicked out of the chair and assaulted by his stylist on Jan. 10.

The victim told police he was attempting to get a haircut at a shop near Carlton Avenue at about 3:30pm when one of the barbers told him to exit the shop. He did, but stood outside knocking on the door because, determined to get his ends trimmed. That was when the haircutter opened the door and smacked him with an unknown object, causing a gash to his forehead.

Officers took the victim to Brooklyn Hospital for treatment.

Lock and key

A rogue allegedly started hitting a woman in the face during an argument on Jan. 12.

Police said two residents of the women’s shelter on Tillary Street were in an argument at about 1am when one of the women got violent, repeatedly hitting the victim on the face and head with a lock.

The victim was taken to Woodhull Hospital, and officers arrested the alleged assailant on the scene.

Fights causing fights

An argument between acquaintances led to a stabbing on Myrtle Avenue on Jan. 15.

Police said two men were standing near Vanderbilt Avenue at about 9pm arguing about a previous dispute between the victim and a friend of the perpetrator when the goon took out a knife and stabbed the victim in the back of the hand before fleeing.

Emergency responders took the victim to Methodist Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

A distant attack

Some bruiser threw an object at a stranger on Flatbush Avenue Extension on Jan. 15.

The victim said he was out and about near Fulton Street at 11pm when an unseen stranger threw an object at his face, striking him and causing some bruising and swelling.

Diner dash

A sneak stole cash and a locked safe from a Myrtle Avenue restaurant early on Jan. 10.

Police said the victim was getting ready top open Wray’s Caribbean and Seafood Cuisine, near Ryerson Street at 4pm when she realized the restaurant’s front door was damaged, then that the register had been swiped from behind the counter. Upon further inspection, she realized that the office had been rummaged through by the thief.

Thief breaks in to nab package

A housebreaker broke the front door of a Grand Avenue apartment and stole a package that had been left in the foyer early in the morning on Jan. 13.

Police said the victim heard glass shatter and watched an unknown man step into the lobby of the building near Lexington Avenue at 4:45am. The thief reached down to grab a package from the floor and fled toward Gates Avenue. 

Elevator companion steals phone

A bandit grabbed someone’s cell phone in an Ashland Place grocery store on Jan. 10.

The victim said she was in the elevator at Whole Foods near Lafayette Avenue at 2pm when someone else stepped in, smacked her iPhone 12 out of her hand, and ordered her not to look at or follow him as he grabbed the phone from the ground and ran out of the elevator when the doors opened.

Police tracked the phone to a home several miles away.

Anti-theft kit couldn’t save bike from thieves

Some jerk stole a bicycle and its accessories from a Cambridge Place home on Dec. 18.

The victim was on vacation when someone cut the lock on his bicycle, which was locked up near Gates Avenue, police said. The brigand made off with the bicycle, its anti-tire theft kit, basket, bell, and cell phone holder. While the cycle’s rightful owner wasn’t there to witness the theft, his cameras caught the whole incident.