Howling Moon
Cab Company will stage plays about people in parks – in Brooklyn
Bridge Park – on Aug. 18-19. Jonathan Wallace, founder of the
company and organizer of the two-day event, told GO Brooklyn
that "The Park Plays: An Evening of Short Plays Set in Parks"
is comprised of six 10-minute plays – a seventh play may be added
– which all take place "with people you might meet in Brooklyn
Bridge Park."

"I put out a request over the internet for short plays set
in parks. I received several hundred plays – many more than we
could produce," Wallace said. He then further refined the
selection process, limiting the plays to only those representing
slice-of-life situations. Wallace said the resulting choices
are both dramatic and funny.

Himself a playwright who has had readings and productions at
Manhattan’s Abingdon Theatre Company and The Flea, Wallace contributed
one piece to "The Park Plays" – "Rockettes,"
about two women from the West Coast who get off a Greyhound bus
and talk in a park before they go to an audition for the Radio
City dance troupe. [The stars of "Rockettes" are Roxanne
Seunarine (right) and Toni Ann DeNoble.]

Another play features two couples at a picnic and an infidelity
revealed, while another concerns people interacting with the

"It’s a pretty good selection with diverse casting,"
Wallace said. "We’re showing New York life in an enjoyable

"The Park Plays: An Evening of Short Plays Set in Parks"
will be presented on Aug. 18 and Aug. 19, at 7 pm, in Brooklyn
Bridge Park. Enter the park at Main and Plymouth streets in DUMBO.
Both performances are free and open to the public. For more information,
call (917) 359-6234.

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