Construction begins to renovate and add elevators at Borough Hall station for fully accesible 4, 5, 2 and 3 trains

The Borough Hall subway station elevator at Cadman Plaza.
The Borough Hall subway station elevator at Cadman Plaza.
Photo by Kevin Duggan

Upgrades to Borough Hall subway station are kicking off in June, as the MTA is planning to make the train depot fully ADA-accessible with three new elevators and major improvements to the station’s platforms. 

The work, which will make the station fully compliant with the American Disability Act, is expected to run through early 2025, and will cause temporary partial closures and walkway detours, but all trains will run on normal schedules.

Once finished, the Borough Hall station will be fully accessible via the three new elevators — one from the street to the mezzanine, and two from mezzanine to the station’s platforms.

While the 2 and 3 train platforms are already accessible, a new elevator from street level to the 4 and 5 train mezzanine and two others between the mezzanine level and the northbound and southbound  4 and 5 train platforms will be added.

Accessible boarding areas are coming too and the platform edges will be reconstructed to serve the northbound and southbound 4 and 5 trains. Station floors, walls, roof and ventilator structures will all be repaired.

Only about 25% of the 493 stations across the five boroughs have elevators. Community members with mobility difficulties, walking disabilities and those who travel with strollers or carts have to plan their commute accordingly and choose less practical routes. 

The MTA has set a 2024 goal of having an accessible station every two stops, which would guarantee that mobility-impaired individuals could have access to the necessary infrastructure within a certain geographic area of their destination.

 To plan an accessible commute, visit new.mta.info.