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Brooklyn Bridge: Suspended

This year marks the 125th anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge. The Brooklyn Historical Society (BHS) will be hosting a series of lively events to commemorate this anniversary and celebrate the Brooklyn Bridge as an enduring city landmark and a feat of modern architecture.

BHS kicks off the festivities with the opening of “Suspended Over Time,” an exhibit curated by high school students who participate in an after-school program called “Exhibition Laboratory.”

“Suspended Over Time: Brooklyn Bridge 125th Anniversary Celebration” offers unique perspectives of the bridge both past and present. Paintings, photographs, artifacts and unique interviews conducted by the students, reveal the impact the Brooklyn Bridge has on our lives and how it continues to inspire us. The exhibition runs now to September 28.

The students, from Brooklyn Technical High School, Cobble Hill High School of American Studies, The Packer Collegiate Institute and Saint Ann’s School, spent the semester learning the skills of curating an exhibition. Students met weekly at BHS to research the collection, work with museum professionals and explore primary sources in order to curate an exhibit in celebration of the bridge.

The Brooklyn Historical Society is at 128 Pierrepont Street in Brooklyn Heights. For more, visit www.brooklynhistory.org.

May 24

· 1 p.m.: Dave Frieder aka “Dave the Bridge Man” presents a lecture, “The Great East River Suspension Bridge.”

· 2 p.m.: Lynn Curlee, author of “Brooklyn Bridge” offers a children’s reading from her book.

· 3 p.m.: Phil Bildner, author of “Twenty-One Elephants,” presents a children’s reading from that title.

· 4 p.m.: John Stern and Carrie Wilson offer a lecture: “The Beauty of the Brooklyn Bridge.”

May 25

· 1 p.m.: Raymond “Paul” Giroux lectures on “Building the Bridge.”

· 2 p.m.: Clifford Zink offers a lecture: “The Roebling Legacy.”

· 3 p.m.: Richard Haw, author of “Art of the Brooklyn Bridge: A Visual History,” presents a lecture about “Art of the Brooklyn Bridge.”

For more, call 718-222-4111 or visit www.brooklynhistory.org.

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