See it: Car crashes into fence of Park Slope house

The rear of a car ended up in the front yard of a Park Slope row house Monday morning, Sept. 27.
Photo courtesy of Seth Pollack

A car jumped a curb and crashed into the entryway of a Park Slope row house Monday morning, photos show.

At around 11:30 am on Sept. 27, authorities say a blue SUV careened into the fence of a building on Seventh Street between Fourth and Fifth avenues. No injuries were reported.

Photos of the crash were posted to social media by Park Slope resident Seth Pollack, who pointed out that the crash happened just a few blocks from where a curb-jumping crash on Third Street has left a hair salon closed for months, and from where two children were killed on Ninth Street in 2018 by a driver who suffered a medical episode while behind the wheel

No injuries were reported as a result of the crash.Photo courtesy of Seth Pollack

The crash also occurred on the same block as elementary school PS 118, where children filed into school just a few hours before the crash.  

State records show the driver of the car has been hit with four tickets, one for speeding in a school zone and another for blocking a bike lane. 

Park Slope had had 304 total crashes this year according to the open-source data site Crashmapper, resulting in injuries to 19 pedestrians, 27 cyclists, and 64 motorists.