Rev up for fun: Luna Park unveils Electric Eden Raceway, Brooklyn’s first sustainable go-kart experience

Racers hit the tracks at the new Electric Eden Raceway in Coney Island.
Brooklyn Paper

Brooklynites can now rev their engines at Luna Park’s newest attraction, an immersive and sustainable go-kart experience that opened on May 24 with a celebratory ribbon-cutting.

Electric Eden Raceway is the city’s first eco-friendly, electric go-kart course. Participants said it’s a lot like strapping in for a round of the classic video game Mario Kart since racers are challenged to outpace other karts and collect gold coins by driving over them on the racetrack.

Community members, civic leaders, and the first 100 visitors at the park got the first try at the racetrack, including Alessandro Zamperla, president and CEO of Central Amusement International.

“A lot of people were asking for a racing experience. It’s something where you can have bragging rights with your friends. For us, it’s amazing that we could add something that was requested by our guest,” he said. “This is the best place to come have fun.”

The attraction was celebrated in true Coney Island style with stilt walkers waving bubble guns and mimers entertaining guests. The Coney Island Sharkettes, an organization for young adults in the neighborhood, also performed a dance routine for the crowd ahead of the ribbon-cutting.

According to the team, Electric Eden Raceway pays homage to the original Luna Park, which was once known as “Electric Eden” for its iconic use of lights to embellish every structure. The course uses video mapping gamification to create an engaging experience from start to finish, and at night, the karts will shine thanks to the LEDs wrapped around each car.

Racers, start your engines! Locals hit the track on Friday, May 24 at the grand opening of Electric Eden Raceway.Brooklyn Paper

This attraction joins 37 other rides and games spread across the Luna Park campus. Whether people come to the neighborhood for a ride on the historic Cyclone or choose to take it easy on the swings, the neighborhood’s amusement district has everything Brooklyn needs to create lasting memories for visitors.

“We want to make sure that the amusement park is always in a better place. Every single year we make the best efforts to do that,” Zamperla previously told Brooklyn Paper. “It’s honoring the legacy. We want to make sure it’s consistent and really paying homage to the great legacy that no one else can offer.”

Coney Island Assembly Member Alec Brook-Krasny gave the team at Luna Park two thumbs up on its latest addition, and celebrated Zamperla for continuing his family’s legacy of bringing smiles to everyone who visits the People’s Playground.

“You’re father is smiling and he is very happy,” Brook-Krasny told Zamperla on Friday. He joked that the attraction is not just for youngsters, but also for those who remain kids at hearts. 

Luna Park is located at 1000 Surf Ave., and stretches from the area’s famous wooden rollercoaster to the B&B Carousel, with various restaurants, retail shops and carnival games woven in between the rides.

Park admission is free but tickets and wristbands for rides and attractions, like the new Electric Eden Raceway, can be bought on-site or online.