Driver injures two cops during Atlantic Ave. protest


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Car vs. cops

Police are on the lookout for a driver who sped through a line of cops and injured two Boys in Blue at a protest on Atlantic Avenue on Oct. 27.

Officers tried to stop and arrest the driver who was near Smith Street, an intersection authorities closed off during the protest around 9:50 pm.

Officers smashed the the car’s windows with batons as the driver refused to stop, video from the scene shows. One cop put his hand on the car before the driver sped off cutting the officer’s hand and wrist and requiring five stitches, according to the authorities.

During the driver’s escape, the motorist also plowed into a bicycle cop, knocking him off his two-wheeler and injuring his legs, elbow, and neck, according to police reports.

Both police officers went to Methodist Hospital for treatment of their wounds, cops said.

Cab scam

Police arrested two women they say robbed two people in a fake taxi on Atlantic Avenue on Oct. 28.

The victim told police he and another person got into the suspects’s car believing it was a cab, near Smith Street just before 7 pm.

They gave the defendant’s their address and they drove down Atlantic for a few blocks, before pulling over and allegedly stealing the victims’s phones, while threatening them with a knife, according to police.

Cops cuffed both women at the scene just after 7 pm for felony robbery charges, according to police reports.

Highway hold-up

A pair of bandits kidnapped an elderly man off the street and robbed him at Atlantic Avenue on Oct. 31.

The victim, 66, told police the knaves pulled up in a dark truck and convinced him to hop in, between Bond and Nevins streets at 1 pm.

They then pulled out a gun and told him to hand over money, but when he did they demanded more and made him withdraw $1,800 at two bank machines along Fifth Avenue, according to police reports.

Five-finger discount

A knife-wielding shoplifter stole a shirt from a Fulton Mall chain store on Nov. 1.

A security guard told police that, between Duffield and Bridge streets at 7:30 pm, the thief snatched the thermal shirt and tried to leave without paying.

When the employee confronted the nogoodnik, the latter said, “Meet me outside” before dashing and running toward Jay Street, according to the authorities.

Express theft

A sneak drove off with a deliveryman’s car on Clinton Street on Oct. 28.

The victim told police he was making a drop off between Schermerhorn and State streets at 10 pm and left his key in the ignition.

When he returned five minutes later, his van was gone, according to police.