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(At left, "Green, Brown, Blue" by Glenda George, and at right, "Self Portrait" by Kathryn Letson.
The Brooklyn Papers / Greg Mango

You only have three days to see "Blythe

The exhibit, culled by Park Sloper Kathryn Letson, will open
with a reception on Friday, May 17 at 8 pm at Artscetera (212
Smith St. between Baltic and Butler streets).

The show is a collection of artwork inspired by the Blythe doll,
which hit toy store shelves in 1972.

"[Blythe] was produced by the Kenner Corporation in four
original styles – blonde, brunette, redhead and black hair –
with four fruit-colored wigs and 12 amazing outfits available
in the ’Blythe’s Boutique’ line," according to the "This
is Blythe" Web site, based on the eponymous book by New
York-based photographer Gina Garan.

"Her eyes change direction and color, from blue to orange
to green to pink, at the pull of a string on the back of her
head," according to the site. One can understand how this
slightly creepy feature could be fodder for art. (In her goggle-eyed
way, the black-haired doll strikes me as similar in countenance
to actress Christina Ricci.)

Nanette DeCillis, director of Artscetera, is excited about her
latest show.

"Leading designers from the Fashion Institute of Technology
to Calvin Klein to Gap have contributed their visions of Blythe,"
said DeCillis. "Their work is as much a re-examination of
the cultural phenomenon of the early ’70s as it is a rare glimpse
into the artistic minds of the people who are behind many of
the trends and images that drive the industries of fashion, art
and culture today."

Letson will also display the vintage Blythe paraphernalia and
many dolls she has collected over the years, as well as the wardrobe
she designed for her collection. One doll, dressed in Letson’s
designs, will be silent-auctioned off to the highest bidder with
proceeds going to a Brooklyn children’s charity.

The exhibit will also be on view May 18-19, from 1 to 6 pm. For
more information, call (718) 643-6817.

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