More copper stolen from construction site

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Hot commodity

Brazen thieves stole $2,000 worth of copper from a Flushing Avenue construction site — the latest heist of the most precious of semi-precious metals.

The 38-year-old victim told police that he left his business near Vanderbilt Avenue for the weekend on Oct. 14. When he returned days later, copper piping and tools were gone.

It’s a common crime at construction sites, where copper is rarely secured, despite its increasing value.

Chase down

A goon tried to rob a Chase Bank on Myrtle Avenue on Oct. 18.

A teller told cops that the robber entered the bank near Vanderbilt Avenue at 1 pm and passed her a note demanding cash. When she refused, he took his memo and fled.

Police are seeking a 23-year-old suspect.

In August, the same money hut was robbed by a note-passing bandit — who got away with $2,000.

Running late

A thief boosted a car from Ashland Place on Oct. 19 after the owner rushed to a doctor’s appointment and left his keys in the ignition.

The 53-year-old victim told cops that he parked near DeKalb Avenue at 10:30 am and dashed into Brooklyn Hospital Center. When he returned two hours later, his Honda was gone.

Apple toss

Yet another marauder robbed a man of his iPhone on Vanderbilt Avenue on Oct. 8.

The 28-year-old victim told police that he was near Myrtle Avenue at 3 am when the thug approached him from behind, pressed an object to his back and ordered, “Give me your phone.”

Within seconds, the thief plucked the cellphone and fled.

Tech foul

A lucky crook hit the jackpot on Oct. 20 when he swiped a MacBook, iPad, XBox, and gold jewelry from an Adelphi Street apartment.

The 25-year-old victim told cops that he left his residence near Flushing Avenue at 12:30 pm. When he returned two hours later, his door was busted open and a bunch of stuff was gone — including video games, laptops and a $500 TV.

Cheap clutch

A purse-snatcher jumped a woman on S. Elliott Place on Oct. 21 and escaped into Fort Greene Park with her designer handbag.

The 34-year-old victim told cops that she was near DeKalb Avenue at 10:50 am when the robber yanked her bag off her shoulder and yelled, “I got you!” He fled into the nearby greenspace with $45.

‘Dead’ end

A thief stole the purse from an employee at the Dead Sea Spa in the Atlantic Center Mall on Oct. 21.

The 27-year-old victim told cops she hid her bag in a closet at the shopping center near Flatbush Avenue at 1:10 pm. When she returned an hour later, her stuff — including $1,130 and an Isreaeli passport — was gone.

Save face

A band of crooks punched a man on Washington Avenue on Oct. 22 and demanded his bag, but the victim got away.

The 40-year-old victim told cops that he was near DeKalb Avenue at 12:10 am when one of the brutes socked him in the face. When the man asked why he was slugged, the perp told him to scram or that he’d get shot — but then demanded, “Give me your gear!”

Instead, the victim headed to the police.

School’s out

Cops arrested three 13-year-old thieves after they stole $460 from a Gates Avenue middle school on Oct. 20.

A 30-year-old employee told police that the cash was missing from MS 103 near Downing Street at about 10:30 am. Hours later, a trio was caught in the boys’ bathrooms with the money.

Uniformed officers took the alleged young thieves away.

— Kate Briquelet

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