More iPhone thefts

iPhone grabs

Smartphone-loving thieves were on the prowl in Fort Greene last week. Here’s what happened:

• A thief swiped a woman’s iPhone during an April 14 clash inside a B38 bus idling near the corner of DeKalb Avenue and Flatbush Avenue Extension. The victim said that she was sitting on the bus at 11:15 pm when the thief forced open the back doors, grabbed the woman’s phone, and ran off.

• A crook picked an iPhone out of a 27-year-old woman’s pocket on April 17 as she waited on line inside a Greene Avenue eatery. The thief bumped into his victim during the brief 12:30 pm exchange between Fulton Street and Vanderbilt Avenue.

Lift louse

A thief robbed a 36-year-old man during an April 13 clash inside a Carlton Avenue apartment building.

The victim was inside the lobby of the high-rise between Fulton and Atlantic avenues — approaching the elevators — when the perp approached, demanding the man’s money.

When the victim said he had none, the goon attacked, taking $11 from the man’s pockets.


Seven teenage punks robbed a 14-year-old boy of his backpack at the corner of S. Elliott Place and Atlantic Avenue on April 11, but were arrested before they could see what was inside.

The victim was nearing the corner at 4:50 pm when he was surrounded and threatened.

Quick call

Two goons were arrested on April 11 after they swiped a cellphone from a motorist sitting in traffic near the corner of Fulton Street and Greene Avenue.

The victim was waiting for the light to change at 6:55 pm when one of the thieves yanked open the driver’s side door, snatching the phone from the man’s hand.

Nintendos nicked

A trio of thieves in baggy pants filled their trousers with more than $2,000 in Nintendo games during an April 12 visit to the Best Buy in the troubled Atlantic Center Mall.

Workers at the store between Fort Greene Place and S. Portland Avenue said that the thieves entered just before 7 pm, swiped several games and game consoles, and left.

The mall, and its neighboring Atlantic Terminal Mall, make frequent appearances in our police blotter.

Navigation nab

A crook broke into a van parked on Hall Street on April 12, taking a $140 navigation system.

The van was between Park and Myrtle avenues when someone raided its cabin sometime before 10:30 am.

Pizzeria pick

A quick-moving thief snagged a cellphone from a 13-year-old boy hanging outside a pizzeria at the corner of Adelphi Street and DeKalb Avenue on April 13.

The victim had just exited the corner eatery at 4:15 pm when a thug in a black hoodie ran by — snatching the phone out of his hand.

Pratt pluck

A thief palmed a 19-year-old Pratt Institute student’s wallet left inside a Willoughby Avenue campus pizza shop on April 13.

The victim left her wallet inside the eatery between Hall Street and Classon Avenue at 7:30 pm. A short time later, her credit cards were used inside a Myrtle Avenue store, the student told police.

Applebee’s worm

A creep snagged a bag belonging to a customer at the Flatbush Avenue Extension Applebee’s on April 14.

The woman put the bag under her table when she entered the restaurant between DeKalb Avenue and Fulton Street at 5:30 pm. When she prepared to leave an hour later, it was gone.

— Thomas Tracy