Places for non-meat treats? Here are five from Foer

The Thai salad at ‘Snice on Fifth Avenue.
The Brooklyn Paper / Tony Trezza

He’s a vegetarian and a Brooklynite — which means novelist Jonathan Safran Foer has pretty strong opinions about the best places to avoid eating animals.

“I’m a vegetarian, but I never eat in vegetarian restaurants,” he said. “Every restaurant in Park Slope has plenty of good options for non-meat-eaters. Chinese food, Indian food — these are easy places to avoid meat.”

Here’s Foer five top places and dishes:

Olive Vine

54 Seventh Ave. between Lincoln and St. Johns places, (718) 622-2626

“If I’m going anywhere in the vicinity of that place, I’ll go in and get a falafel and baba ghanoush. It’s insane. It’s as good as it gets.”

Park Slope Taqueria

74 Seventh Ave. between Lincoln and Berkeley places, (718) 398-4300

“I get the Berkeley vegetarian burrito, which has the roasted corn. It’s great.”


315 Fifth Ave. at Third Street, (718) 788-2121

“They have a Thai salad with edamame that I really like. I think all the food there is vegetarian.”


168 Seventh Ave. between Garfield Place and First Street, (718) 840-0099

“We used to get sushi there. But now I eat inari [tofu skins with rice]; vegetable tempura; avocado-and-cucumber rolls; the Japanese pickle platter; which I love, and the excellent miso eggplant.”

Bonnie’s Grill

278 Fifth Ave. between Garfield Place and First Street, (718) 369-9527

“Their veggie burger is f—king great! I remember what hamburgers were like, but, believe it or not, I would choose their veggie burger over a hamburger. I know that sounds just like what a vegetarian would say, but they are maddeningly good.”

Non-meat-eaters like Foer love the veggie burger at Bonnie’s Grill, too.
The Brooklyn Paper / Emily True

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