Regina Andriolo: Legal eagle is a case study in dedication

Regina Andriolo
Photo by Juliet V. Foster

Attorney, public relations specialist, and community outreach expert Regina Andriolo is an expert in the medical, sports, and entertainment industries, and her charitable work has made a real impact on many people.

There’s a common thread through her diverse accomplishments.

“You really have to enjoy what you are doing in order to do it well,” says Andriolo, a legal representative to professional boxers, managers, and promoters. “Otherwise it’s not worth doing.”

Legendary boxing trainer Tommy Gallagher, who has known Andriolo since the days when very few women were involved in the sport, was knocked out by her knowledge.

“Gina understood fighters, understood all of the ins and outs of the business, and made sure they got the money they were entitled to,” he says. “She knew everything.”

In 1993 Russian-American boxer Sergei Artemiev was seriously injured in a fight in Atlantic City. After surgeons removed a blood clot on his brain, he faced a difficult recovery and staggering medical bills, but Andriolo went to the mat for him, even though Artemiev wasn’t her client, says Gallagher.

“We did a variety of fund-raising events both here in New York and down in Atlantic City to help offset his medical expenses, and he remains a friend to this day,” he says. “Gina put everything together at no cost, she made the deals, she set up the auctions.”

Andriolo would move on to other industries, but she stayed connected to boxing, becoming the only female board member and officer of the Boxing Writers Association of America. As head of Andriolo Communications, she provided public relations support to athletes, artists, and entertainers, including The Village People, and Jefferson Airplane, while serving as executive director of Liberty Health Foundation. The philanthropic branch of the Jersey City Medical Center had an image problem, despite transforming itself into a top-notch facility, until the Woman of Distinction came along.

“It had been the old hospital up on the hill that looked like it was out of a Fritz Lang movie,” explains Andriolo, whose fund-raising, outreach, and public relations work helped make it one of New Jersey’s top-ranked hospitals.

Andriolo’s accomplishments are not limited to her professional work. She and her husband adopted a baby boy from Azerbaijan in 2002, leading to her involvement with the Azerbaijan Society of America, through which she has helped Azerbaijani-Americans connect with their cultural heritage. She also works with the Be Proud Foundation to organize food drives and send care packages to troops overseas. Her son, now 15, helps out as well.

Her journey has been one of curiosity and self-fulfillment, she notes.

“I’ve always enjoyed what I’ve done,” says Andriolo. “Sometimes it hasn’t been a conscious choice, as one thing opened into another — if something presents itself and it looks like something you want to do, you should grab it.”

Neighborhood: Dyker Heights.

Occupation: Attorney, fund-raiser, special events consultant.

Company: Liberty Health Foundation.

Claim to Fame: “I’m a woman involved in professional boxing.”

Favorite Brooklyn Place: “Any place with a great view of the Verrazano Bridge and New York Harbor.”

Woman I Admire: “My mother, a professional working woman who juggled a family, a demanding job, and two houses. She set a great example, and guided and encouraged us to achieve our goals and dreams.”

Motto: “When opportunity knocks, open the door!”

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