Shot at the Wombat bar

Wombat shooting

A perp shot a man on Grand Street on Dec. 12 as he was smoking outside Wombat bar.

The perp approached this victim at 4:05 am as he stepped outside for a quick smoke and shot him in the chest. The victim was taken to Bellevue Hospital and treated for his wound and the perp, who fled down Leonard Street, was arrested later that day.

Marcy shooting

A bullet from a fight that erupted outside a club on Marcy Avenue struck a man in the right side of his head as he got into a taxi to go home.

The victim got into his cab near S. Ninth Street at 5:30 am after a nearby fight escalated. Shots were fired, and one struck the victim in his head. He was taken to a hospital and treated for his wound.

Lucky seven

Seven perps surrounded a 17-year-old boy at Manhattan Avenue on Dec. 10, beat him up and stole his watch and his cellphone.

The perps confronted the boy near Scholes Street at 9:30 pm, and started to kick him and punch him. One perp grabbed his watch and his phone and the group fled, leaving him.

Bag job

A thug held up his victim on S. Ninth Street on Dec. 11, but was arrested an hour later.

The thief confronted his victim near Broadway at 8:30 pm, saying, “Give me the f—king bag and phone or I’ll shoot you!”

The victim obliged, and the perp fled, but he was stopped at Havemeyer and Broadway by police.

Boerum assault

Four perps punched and kicked a man who was helping his girlfriend deal with a broken down car on Boerum Street on Dec. 9.

The perps approached their victim at 10:29 am, and one perp struck him on the right side of his head while the others battered his face, shoulder back and stomach before fleeing down Manhattan Avenue.

Car break-in

A thief broke into a car parked on Keap Street at Grand Street on Dec. 6 and stole laptop and a briefcase.

The driver parked his car at 6:30 pm, but when he returned at 8 pm, he found his driver’s-side window smashed and his stuff stolen.

Pizza robbery
Two teenage perps were arrested after stealing a pizza man’s pie on Dec. 8.

The perps approached their victim at Moore Street and Graham Avenue at 4:15 pm and demanded his wallet. When he said he didn’t have any cash, they took his pizza and ate it.

For desert, they got a bologna sandwich in the clink.

Judge Mactook

A thief stole a Macbook from a Judge Street apartment on Dec. 6

The perp broke into the apartment near Devoe Street at 7:55 pm. When its tenant returned 30 minutes later, she saw the perp, dressed in all black one toward the fire escape and make his exit — dropping one computer and a camera but taking another one.

Judge robbery

Three perps robbed a woman and struck her on her forehead on Dec. 12 — all for her cellphone.

The perps surrounded their victim at Devoe Street at 4:20 pm, when one bashed her head and took her phone. She started screaming and fell to the ground, as the perps fled down Judge Street.

Judge Street and Devoe Street

Moped around

At least two mopeds were stolen last week. Here’s a roundup:

• A thief stole a mechanical bike from McKibbin Street. The owner told cops that she left her $2,000 scooter in front of her apartment near White Street on Dec. 4 at 10 pm, but it was gone two days later.

• Another moped was swiped from a lot on Seigel Street near White Street. The owner said he parked it on Dec. 5 at noon, but it was gone two days later.

Laptop larceny

At least two computers were stolen from two galleries in the same way:

• A thief asked to buy a T-shirt from a Grand Street gallery at around noon on Dec. 10, but took the laptop when the employee went downstairs to retrieve the garment.

• A perp stole a laptop from a Broadway gallery at around 3 pm on Dec. 7 while an employee was smoking a cigarette in the back of the space, which is near Bedford Avenue.