The weekender! Here’s what you should do on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

All’s well at Allswell
Photo By Stefano Giovannini

Christmas is officially on us! So if you’re not too busy decking the halls, busily decorating your apartment, or shopping for that last minute (we mean really, really, really last minute) gift for that special someone (although, if he or she were that special, wouldn’t you have had your gift weeks ago, hmm?), spend a little time relaxing, taking in a show, and being all-around thankful that you live in the greatest borough in the best city in the world. Brooklyn, gues what? It’s your weekend!

• Start your Friday off right with a trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (it’s free on weekdays, you guys!) and check out an exclusive art show featuring delicate glass terrariums by artist Jae Hi Ahn and the garden’s curator, Jennifer Williams.

• Walk across to street to the Brooklyn Museum and check out the —highly controversial — show, “Hide/Seek,” that features a piece of art so racy it was banned from the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. It’s cool — Brooklyn can handle it. Our very own Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension loved it; we think you will, too.

• Want a hot, fresh hamburger at the trendiest place in town? Get on line at Downtown’s brand spankin’ new Shake Shack on the Fulton Mall. The “Fudge-eddaboutit” concrete comes highly recommended — after all, it’s chock full of Mast Brothers chocolate and smothered in specialty chocolate-cinnamon sauce!

• On Friday night, go get some culture at the SET Gallery in Caroll Gardens and check out a new group show about the Soviet diaspora.

• After that burger, fries and a shake, you’re probably in the mood for a spicy cocktail, right? Yeah, of course you are! So go get one at Sunburnt Calf, a down-under eatery in Boerum Hill that serves out-of-this-world booze drinks.

• Got some last-minute shopping to do? Need to find the perfect gift, and quick? Consult our handy-dandy shopping guide!

See Czech puppets!
Photo by Jonathan Slaff

• In the mood for a milkshake? Check out our roundup of some of the borough’s most serious shakes!

• Then, spend a few hours on Saturday learning all about Brooklyn’s maritime history at the new Navy Yard museum! Who wouldn’t wanna?

• Afterwards, why not stop by Allswell, a new restaurant by the former executive chef of the Spotted Pig in the West Village and Dean Street in Prospect Heights? Order the pig’s ears (you’ll love them. If you don’t, you’ll have a story to tell your friends).

• Then, spend Saturday night at a puppet show — why not? Just because our very own in-house puppet critic Thurston Dooley III didn’t love the show doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give this Czech rendition of “A Christmas Carol” at Clockworks Puppet Theater a gander before it closes at the end of the month.

• Before it starts snowing like crazy, head over to McCarren Park for a walk — and stop at the clean and newly re-opened Turkey’s Nest bar and grab a frozen margarita on your way!

• And as always, these and other great events are in our exclusive family calendar, our great nightlife calendar, and our matchless events calendar.