Tonight! Skate and sing to ‘Xanadu’

Tonight! Skate and sing to ‘Xanadu’
Photo by Amanda Gentile

If you build a roller disco, they will come.

That’s what the characters of a kitschy musical on wheels hope, in the Piper Theatre’s free outdoor Brooklyn production of “Xanadu.”

The crooning show will take place at the Old Stone House in Washington Park, where the actors will skate around — and sing in — a huge 32-feet long by 16-feet deep bowl.

“It seemed like we needed a musical that would add a sense of fun,” said director John McEneny. “Xanadu was a fantastic fit.”

The musical was first a 1980 film featuring Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly, and in 2007, a staged version opened in Broadway. It tells the story of a Greek muse named Clio, who travels down to Earth to inspire a struggling painter, Sonny, to build a roller disco.

However, the muse — disguised as a beautiful blond Australian roller girl named Kira — falls in love with the dashing artist. Her jealous muse sisters rise to take advantage of the situation, and Clio risks being exiled to the Underworld.

The outdoor production features an elaborate set, including a hot tub and a giant chalk mural that muses will pop their heads from, and a live band will provide tunes for the mythic roller story.

The actors, set, and musicians will be decked out in bold colors emphasizing the neon hues of the 80s film.

Xanadu, behind the Old Stone House in Washington Park [336 Third St., between Fourth and Fifth avenues in Park Slope. (718) 768–3195. www.pipertheatre.org] July 5, 8pm, Free.