Cops injured while making arrest

60th precinct
Photo by Jessica Parks


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

1- on-3

Three police officers were injured at an Ocean Parkway hospital when attempting to arrest a man accused of assault on July 24. 

NYPD said one officer was interviewing the victim at the hospital between Shore Parkway and Avenue Z when the suspect came in around 1:25 am and injured the three officers who tried to arrest him. 

Just keep swimming

A bandit nabbed valuables a woman left in her car parked at W. 10th Street whiling she was swimming on Aug. 5. 

The victim told police she is unsure if the vehicle was locked when she left it at the intersection of Surf Avenue and returned around 6 am to find her phone, wallet and jewelry were taken from her car. 

Jacked hammer

A crook swiped a jackhammer and other construction equipment from a Brighton 5th Street building on Aug. 3. 

The victim told police he left the equipment unsecured in a rooftop stairwell between Ocean View and Brighton Beach avenues and when returning around 6 am it had all been taken.