Suspects cuffed for allegedly punching a cop

60th precinct
Photo by Jessica Parks


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Rock bottom 

Authorities arrested three people for allegedly assaulting a cop on on W. 32nd Street on Jan. 1. 

The officers reported that the suspects allegedly threw a rock at their patrol car between Neptune and Mermaid avenues around 2:30 am, and when they approached the alleged rock-throwers, they became irate and hit a cop in the face. 

Police arrested all three individuals on the scene.

Basement bandit 

Thieves snagged various electronics from a Brighton Fourth Street basement apartment on Dec. 28. 

The victim told police that he left the door and windows unlocked to his home between Ocean View and Brighton Beach avenues, and when he returned home at 8 am, the criminals had swiped an iPod and Macbook Pro from the home. 

Wheelin’ and dealin’

A wheel-snagging weasel stole four tires and rims from a vehicle on W. Third Street on Jan 4. 

The victim told police that the pilferers stole the rims and tires from the vehicle parked between Avenue S and Avenue T at around 4:30 am, which were valued at $3,000.