Slimeball robs woman on Brighton Beach Ave


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Phone theft!

Some jerk stole a woman’s phone on Brighton Beach Avenue on Nov. 10. 

The victim told police that she had dropped her phone near Brighton 11th Street around 2:45 pm, and when she returned, it was gone.

Theft from a car

A carjacker looted paint supplies a car on Brighton Sixth Street on Nov. 12. 

The victim told police that he had left his car parked near Brighton Beach Avenue around 2 pm, and when he returned he found the passenger window broken and paint equipment missing. 

Jewel theft

Some pirate stole a diamond pendant from a car on West 16 Street on Nov. 13. 

The victim had left their car near Avenue Z around 7:45 pm and when they returned someone had taken her pendant and Louis Vuitton wallet.

Sleeping theft!

A pickpocket stole from a sleeping straphanger at Surf Avenue subway station on Nov. 16.

The victim told police that when he awoke on the D train near Stillwell Avenue around 3:30 am, someone had cut open his pockets and stole his money and identification. 

Wallet theft!

Some scumbag stole a woman’s pocketbook near Brighton First Street on Nov. 16. 

The victim told police that the jerk took her wallet near Brighton First Terrace around 5:10 pm and ran away.