60th Precinct: Robber attacks Coney Island man

60th precinct
The 60th Precinct station house.
Photo by Jessica Parks

60th Precinct 

Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Robber attacks Coney Island man

An attacker robbed a Coney Island man near the corner of Mermaid Avenue and West 22nd Street on Jan. 5. 

According to police, the victim was walking northbound on West 22nd around 6:30am when an unknown punk came up behind the victim and began striking them with a closed fist, causing pain and bleeding to the victim’s nose. The victim says the perp allegedly flashed a knife during the attack. 

The assaulter took off down the street with the victim’s wallet.

Teenage bag snatcher

A young thief stole someone’s purse at the corner of West 37th Street and Surf Avenue on Jan. 7.

Police say the victim was talking on the phone while walking along the sidewalk around 1:30am when the robber tried to rip the phone out of her hand. She started screaming and held onto the phone. The perp then grabbed the victim’s purse, getting away with her credit cards, $20, keys and other items. 

The thief was later apprehended.

Bottle attack

Some jerk assaulted a man near West 15th Street and Mermaid Avenue on Jan. 7.

The victim told police he was walking on Mermaid Avenue when the attacker yelled at him to stop before using a glass bottle from his waistband to hit them, causing leaving lacerations on the victim’s head. 

He was later treated at Coney Island Hospital.