Bandits steal $4,000 worth of cellphones



Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend

Repeat offenders 

A trio of knife-wielding thieves robbed an Avenue X store of more than $4,000 worth of cellphones on June 15. 

The victim told police that the bandits, who had robbed the store three times before, brandished a knife in the business on the intersection of W. First Street at around 2 pm, before grabbing the tech and running off.

Fresh swipe

A prowler stole a soap bar from an Avenue X shop on June 18. 

An employee told police that the freebooter threatened her inside the store near Haring Street around 1 pm, before running off with the soap. 

Bike bounce

Brigands swiped $20 from a man after knocking him off of his bike on Avenue W on June 19. 

The victim told police that the jerks followed him in their vehicle on Ocean Parkway at around 4 am, before bumping the back tire of his bike with their car, and robbing him.