Louts punch parking lot attendant


Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Keyed in

A gang of marauders tried to rob a parking lot attendant on Sands Street on Oct. 13, police say.

According to the report, four men approached the booth attendant of the parking lot near Gold Street at around 1:40 pm, and commanded him to ‘give me the keys.’ When he refused, one man punched the attendant in the face, at which point the attendant shut the door to the both and the assailants fled to the High Street subway station.


Some jerk stole a delivery worker’s bicycle on Livingston Street on October 13, police say.

The victim told cops he went into a restaurant near Bond Street at around 2:30 pm to get pizza and left his $1,600 electric bicycle outside unattended. When he emerged, he saw someone riding it away.


A freewheeling thief stole a guys car on Pacific Street on October 14, according to cops.

The victim said he locked his car near Third Avenue and then stepped away from it any 4:11 pm. When he returned just a few minutes later, it had been jacked.

Violent subway robbery

Two pirates robbed and shot a man on the N Train near the Atlantic Avenue station, cops say.

The victim told cops he was riding the train between the Union and Atlantic Avenue stations at around 11:35 pm when the two men approached him and demanded his wallet before punching him in the face and shooting him in the face and neck with BB guns. The men removed the victims wallet and ran off the train at Atlantic Avenue.