Pair of punks slash man for cutting in line


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Cut back

Reprobates slashed a guy’s face at the Clinton-Washington Avenues station as payback for skipping their relative in line on Jan. 11. 

The victim told police that the two toughs punched and slashed his face at 11:30 am, before he made a run for it to the C train. 

The bruised victim also said that he had gotten into an argument earlier with a woman about his place in a line at a nearby addiction treatment center, and she threatened to sic her brother and cousin on him.

Spike for spokes

A pair of knife-toting knaves stole a deliveryman’s e-bike on Atlantic Avenue on Jan. 14. 

The victim told police that the duo pulled him away from the bike near Classon Avenue just before 7:30 pm and cycled off with it toward Grand Avenue. 

Tool loot

Some purloiner bagged a bunch of tools from a car on Atlantic Avenue on the night of Jan. 11.

The victim told police that the bandit busted his rear passenger window of the parked vehicle near Clinton Avenue between 11 pm and 5:30 pm the next day and stole drills, wrenches, and cables. 

Cashing in

A filcher nabbed cash from a Fulton Street cafe on Jan. 13.

Employees told police that the bandit got in through the basement of the eatery near S. Oxford Street at 2 pm and took $250 in cash.

Stripped for parts

Thieves stole almost $100,000 of car parts from a Park Avenue truck rental shop on the night of Jan. 12. 

An employee told police that he locked the gates to his lot at the corner of Hall Street at 5:15 pm and when he came back the next morning at 8 am, he discovered seven catalytic converters gone, totaling a loss of $92,400.