A decade of nursing excellence recognized at LICH

The winning nurses were Gina Colon, RN; Claudette Prince, RN; Yolaine Charles, RN; Iris Bailey; and Lynn Jampayas-Gomez, RN.

Colon is a staff nurse in the Emergency Department. Working nights can be hectic and stressful but Colon maintains her composure no matter what comes through the doors at night.

Prince works in Labor & Delivery, always mindful that she is taking care of two patients at the same time — the mom and the baby.

Charles responds nimbly to life-and-death “codes” in the Stroke Unit and assists in preventing the neurological damage that can be caused by a stoke, oftenknown as a “brain attack.

Bailey works on the renal unit caring for patients with kidney disease. As this chronic condition often results in multiple admissions, the patients are cheered by Bailey’s familiar face and smile. Baileyand other patient care associates augment the caregiven by RNs.

This year’srecipient of the Outstanding Clinical Excellence award, Jampayas-Gomez works on one of the most difficult units in the hospital — the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). She couples her clinical and technical skills with compassionate people skills.

Often, there is one nurse a patient will never forget. For Mrs. Concepcion Basque, Jampayas-Gomez is that nurse. Approximately two months ago, Concepcion’s son, Javier Basque, an 18 year-old college student, was brought to LICH in cardiac arrest — an occurrence rare in someone so young.

LICH’s therapeutic hypothermia protocol in the Emergency Department took the first step in saving this young man’s life. The ICU staff then had the crucial job of managing his condition using a relatively new technique. The first 24hours would determine if Javier would be the same young man he was before his heart attack or whether the incident would cause long-term damage.

One of the nurses who took care of Javier was Jampayas-Gomez. Basque returned to LICH as a guest of honor and presented Jampayas-Gomez with her Butson Award. Her son Javier, recovered from his heart attack, was joyfully reunited with Jampayas-Gomez and others who participated in his care.

LICH is located at 339 Hicks Street in Cobble Hill.