A fight over a parking space

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Parking slash

A 22-year-old nearly had his ear sliced off on Aug. 2 following an altercation over parking spot protocol on Degraw Street.

The victim, who works in a nearby factory, confronted his attacker near Van Brunt Street, complaining that the 42-year-old motorist always parked on the sidewalk.

The two men were arguing over parking etiquette when the suspect lashed out with a box cutter, cutting his victim’s ear.

Wrong question

Two Coffey Street crooks jumped a French tourist on Aug. 2 after the hapless victim asked the duo if he was at the right address.

The 19-year-old victim was supposed to meet a friend between Van Brunt and Richards streets at 12:15 am, but his chum was nowhere to be found when he arrived.

Confused, the victim turned to the thieves, asking them if he was at the right place. They responded by putting him in a headlock and running off with his iPhone, wallet and his French passport.

Columbia crooks

A goon mugged a 27-year-old woman on Columbia Street on Aug. 2 — then punched her in the face after she followed him, demanding her property back.

The victim was between Mill Street and Centre Mall at 11:25 am when the six-foot-one, 200 pound thug charged at her, demanding she give up everything in her pockets.

When the woman refused, the thug put his hands in her pockets — removing her cellphone and $20.

He ran off, but the woman pursued him, prompting an assault on Mill Street.

Chain snatch

A thief swiped a chain from a 55-year-old man on Commerce Street on Aug. 3 — then made off with the goods when cops nabbed the wrong man.

The victim was standing outside a store between Richards and Van Brunt streets at 3 pm when the crook walked up and asked him for the time. When he looked down to check, the thug yanked the gold chain from his neck and ran off with it.

Cops stopped a man who looked like the thief — but let him go when the victim couldn’t identify him.

Cycle swipe

A thief with a need for speed sped off with a 2009 Honda motorcycle parked on Dwight Street on Aug. 3.

The owner of the motorcycle left his bike near King Street at 7 pm. He returned at 11 am the next morning, the only to find pieces of his motorcycle’s mirror.

— Thomas Tracy