A walk down terrorist lane

See what happens when you try to be friends?

America’s colossal attempts at building a palship with the Middle East have, for the great part, met with rotten returns.

The fact is Arabs aren’t permitted to like westerners on bit. They despise the British and loathe the Americans. Clearly because we’re everything they’re not: tolerant, democratic and happy. It’s more than their frustrated fundamentalism can bear, and over the years, they have stopped at nothing to hurt and annihilate our men, women and children.

Last week — for the second time in eight months — cowardly low lives in Dharan, Saudi Arabia re-expressed that depraved hostility by killing 19 Americans, plus wounding 160 others, by setting off a powerful truck bomb as their victims slept in their beds. Those responsible for this latest act of terrorism will meet with swift justice at the hands of their vast superiors: the American authorities. Count on it.

It brings to mind grim memories of Leon Klinghoffer, the wheelchair-bound American who was enjoying his twilight years on a cruise with his wife when he was heartlessly flung overboard by madmen whose unholy petulance knew no bounds.

Leon Klinghoffer drowned, and the rest of us will never understand why.

It rekindles last November’s terror spree against the United States when Arab nuts killed more Americans, once again in Saudi Arabia. It makes one wonder about that nation’s affability towards us, unique as it may be in that corner of the globe.

For the winter killings, four terrorists were hauled off to justice and speedily executed. Yippee! However, there are more than just a clutch of psychopaths at the helm of this “World War III.” The ones that really matter — the big bananas — are those insidious heads of Arab states, who openly embrace Free World leaders at world summits, yet secretly fund terrorist groups to blow up our families.

It’s time to hit all of these monsters where it hurts most — in their pockets. That means weeding out the national sponsors of terrorism. You can bet your bottom dollar that Iran, Iraq and two-faced Syria figure at the top of the fund-raising dung heap.

Make no mistake, the Middle East is gloomily familiar with America’s resolve. It has seen — most recently in the World Trade Center bombings — that the United States will slap terrorists with their swift comeuppance, and lock them up for hundreds of years if necessary. No junk justice here.

No doubt many Arab people hold decent values like the next person. But, their religious doctrines have been twisted by despots who rule with a shallow iron-fist, routinely giving any woman a beating for walking on the streets with her head uncovered, and promptly arresting any unsuspecting visitor who brings even a soft porn magazine into their countries.

As condolences pour out to the families of the latest American victims of despicable Arab fundamentalism, the fact remains that those who believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness continue to be marked for death by our foes in the Middle East.

Apparently, they feel our elimination is their purification. That’s loony thinking, even for psychos.

The truth of the matter is that if modern western culture didn’t exist, there would be no strip joints, no bars, no casinos, no free will and none of the other pleasures that hedonistic Arab nationals rush to satisfy whenever they visit one of our countries.

Religious hypocrites who claim to hate our values should take a peek at their own backyards providing, of course, they can tear themselves away from those porno magazines they so love to confiscate.