Another shooting at dodgy club

65th shoot

A gun-wielding thug shot a man in the leg inside a 65th Street bar at around 2:45 am on Oct. 3.

Cops did not say what provoked the shooting in front of F1 Night Club, which is between Eighth and Ninth avenues, but the victim is in stable condition.

The unknown perp is still on the loose, but cops found .40-caliber shell casing at the scene.

Light minded

A man mustered up enough strength to chase after the perps who had just stabbed him on Seventh Avenue on Oct 2.

The victim-cum-vigilante told cops that he stopped at a red light near 70th Street at around 5:15 pm when a black car pulled up next to him. The two buff dudes inside the ride stabbed him in the arm and fled towards Fifth Avenue.

The bleeding victim chased them for several blocks, but couldn’t catch them.

Locked down

Two guys tried to break into the 11th Avenue Scarpa Pharmacy on Oct. 1, but couldn’t manage to cut through the lock.

Someone called the cops after seeing the two potential perps struggling to get in the store, which is between 62nd and 63rd streets, at around 4:15 am. They weren’t able to steal anything, but were gone by the time cops arrived at the scene.

Head case

Four ruffians assaulted a 44-year-old man on Fifth Avenue on Oct. 1.

The victim told cops that he was near 82nd Street at around 12:20 am when the assailants bashed him in the head and then fled in a white Ford Explorer.

The man was treated at the scene by emergency services and did not have to go to the hospital.

Purse snatching

Two dudes snatched a woman’s Coach bag on Fort Hamilton Parkway on Oct. 1. The victim told cops that she was near 88th Street at around 10 pm when the thieves snatched the designer purse, which contained cash and cards, right out of her hand and ran toward Fifth Avenue.

Nissan stolen

Someone stole a gray 2000 Nissan Xterra from its parking spot on Senator Street overnight on Oct. 1.

The owner told cops that he parked his ride between Ridge Boulevard and Colonial Road at around 10:30 pm. It was gone when he returned at 3:15 pm the next day.
— Alex Rush