Armed trio robs Grand Street bodega

90th Precinct


Stay calm

A trio of thugs pulled off an armed robbery of a Grand Street bodega, getting away with $150 of the store’s cash, as well as the clerk’s iPhone and cigars, on Sept. 17.

The clerk told police that the men stormed the bodega between Olive and Waterbury streets at 6:05 pm. One of the robbers stayed in the back, while the other two pointed guns at the clerk, told him to “stay calm,” and demanded cash. When the clerk opened the register, one of the men grabbed the cash, the phone and the cigars, and they all jumped into a car and drove away.

Go straight to confession

A soulless thief broke into a church on Moore Street and stole more than $3,000 worth of equipment sometime overnight on Sept. 16.

Officials at the church between Graham Avenue and Humboldt Street told police that sometime between 4 pm and 11 am the next day, someone broke in through an alternate front entrance and stole a ceiling projector, a Sony Laptop, a 14-channel multiunit, a lock box, flat-screen television, and $200 in cash, all totaling $3,500.

Bad guest

A dirty squatter broke into a vacant apartment on Devoe Street and significantly damaged it sometime between Sept. 5 and 17, the landlord told police.

According to the owner of the building between Judge and Olive streets, the apartment was vandalized sometime between noon on Sept. 5 and 1:45 pm on Sept. 17. Nearly every wall was written on and the water had been left on, causing water damage throughout the apartment. The damage is worth more than $1,000.

No help

Police responding to a call of a woman robbed on Ainslie Street on Sept. 18 arrived only to find the woman drunk and combative, and unwilling to tell them much about what happened to her.

Police say they arrived to the woman’s location near Rodney streets at 6:15 am after getting a call about a robbery. The woman, who seemed very drunk, told them that a man walked up to her, said “give me your money,” and then ran off with her iPhone.

The woman refused to give the police a description of the man, and then she started to fight with the officers, police said.


A thug stole a woman’s iPhone as she was walking into her McKibben Street building in the middle of the afternoon on Sept. 18.

The victim told police she was entering her building between White Street and Bushwick Avenue at 3:05 pm when the thug ran up behind her, said “give me your phone,” and then grabbed the phone in her hand.

The two struggled and the woman fell to the ground. The thug then ran off with her iPhone, headed eastbound on McKibben Street.

Train robbery

An opportunistic robber stole an iPhone out of a G train rider’s hand as the doors opened at the Broadway station on Sept. 18 — and then punched her when she chased after him.

The victim told police the train was stopping at the station near Union Avenue at 9 pm when the thief snatched the device out of her hand. She chased the robber down the platform, and jerk turned around and punched her in the face.

The iPhone was tracked to Kosciuscko Street via a phone application, but police didn’t find it and made no arrests.

Welcome to Brooklyn

A crook took all of the tires and rims off of an out-of-state car parked on S. First Street sometime overnight on Sept. 16.

The victim, who was visiting from Illinois, told police he parked his vehicle between Berry and White streets 11 pm and returned the next day at 6 am to find all four tires had been stolen and his car was propped up on cinderblocks. The value of tires and rims were $3,100.

— Danielle Furfaro