Art thieves: Crime wave at Bogart Street galleries during Bushwick Open Studios

Artists opened their studios in Bushwick — and in walked the criminals.

While hundreds of art lovers toured the neighborhood for Bushwick Open Studios earlier this month, burglars and muggers prowled in and around 56 Bogart St., committing five larcenies and one robbery near the building, which served as the de facto center of the festival.

On June 1, two thugs assaulted a man as he entered the L train station at Harrison Place across the street from the arts complex at 1:30 pm. One perp punched him in the head, while the second grabbed the man’s wallet and fled.

Later that day, a thief stole a set of keys from Larry Greenberg, the director of the Studio10 gallery in 56 Bogart St. — which boasts a half-dozen galleries on its first floor.

The following day, thieves stole a gallery worker’s iPhone from the front desk at 11:45 am and snatched a laptop at 1 pm.

Several doors down at the Slag Gallery, another crook stole a worker’s wallet while she hosted open studio hours.

A thief also swiped a diamond ring from a jewelry studio upstairs, according to tenants of 65 Bogart St.

“The building was a target,” said Greenberg. “It seemed like people were handing stuff off to each other.”

The gallery-packed area has suffered thefts before.

In September, a crook buzzed himself into Interstate Gallery and took director Tom Weinrich’s laptop. The loft’s landlord put up security cameras a month later, which reportedly deterred the perp when he attempted to return in December.

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