Attorney General: Eric Schneiderman vs. John Cahill

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John Cahill faces a tough lift in taking on incumbent Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Cahill’s campaign has been characterized by pro-business, tough-on-street-crime, and anti-corruption stances. Schneiderman is depending on his record of lucrative settlements with Wall Street lawbreakers, as well as prosecutions of smaller-time white-collar and violent criminals, to push him to a second term. He has maintained a lower profile than predecessors Eliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo, who used his office as a stepping stone on the path to the Governor’s Mansion.


Cahill has blasted Schneiderman for failing to go after Democratic corruption in Albany, and has argued that having a Republican as the state’s top lawman would keep legislators honest. Schneiderman has cast himself as a Wall Street enforcer seeking to prevent chicanery like that which led to the economic collapse of 2008. Schneiderman has a wide lead in the polls.

— Noah Hurowitz

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John Cahill
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