Big boutique heist

Boutique heist

Thugs busted into a Livingston Street clothing boutique and made off with a whopping $35,000 worth of merchandise overnight on Nov. 18.

The owner of the shop, which is near Flatbush Avenue, told cops that she arrived at about 9:30 am to find merchandise all over the floor and the cash register open. The thieves stole jeans, ritzy Moncler jackets — several valued at more than $1,500 each — and all the cash in the register.


A knife-wielding villain randomly slashed up a 17-year-old boy as he left the train station at Joralemon and Court Streets on Nov. 15.

The victim said that he was leaving the 5 train at about 8:05 am when the perp ran up and slashed the knife across his head, hands and neck before fleeing. The boy was left with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

Punching bag

A brute was arrested for punching a 23-year-old woman in the face and stealing her bag on Bridge Street on Nov. 15.

The victim was near Willoughby Street when her assailant attacked at about 1:19 pm — but cops were quick on the case and arrested him.

Assault arrest

A 19-year-old woman was arrested — and her partner-in-crime is still on the loose — after the two thugs attacked and robbed a couple in the subway station at Joralemon and Court streets on Nov. 15.

The victims, a man and a woman, told cops that they were on the platform for the 5 train at about 6:20 pm when the two perps approached. One of the cretins took the woman’s phone and the two fled — but the victim’s male gave chase, catching up to the two.

But one of the punks punched him in the face and fled with his accomplice. Cops later caught up and collared one of the thieves.

Sneaker freaks

Two gun-wielding thugs held up two kids for 12 pairs of expensive sneakers on Fulton Street on Nov. 15.

The two victims said that they were meeting up with the perps near the Game Stop at Hanover Place to sell them two bags full of shoes at about 9:45 pm. They didn’t expect that the ruffians would hold guns to their faces and steal the shoes, making off with $2,400 worth of merchandise.


Perps made off with three iPhones in three incidents in the F train station at Jay and Willoughby streets last week:

• A quick-handed creep snagged a woman’s expensive device on the platform at 3 pm on Nov. 17 and fled the station.

• A jerk swiped a woman’s iPhone out of her hand at about 4 pm on Nov. 17 and fled the train as the doors were closing.

• Another perp ripped an iPhone out of a woman’s hands at 6:35 pm on Nov. 19 and fled the train as the doors closed.


A heartless brute attacked and robbed a woman on Main Street on Nov. 17.

The woman told cops that she was near Water Street at about 10:30 pm when the guy came up from behind and put her in a chokehold. She tried to scream, but he punched her in the face and held her mouth — then stole her bag containing cash and clothing.

Conway con

A sneaky punk lifted a woman’s wallet out of her backpack inside Conway on Fulton Street on Nov. 19.

The woman told cops that she was shopping in the store, which is near Pearl Street, at about 11:25 am when she noticed some shuffling in her bag. She turned around, and nobody was there — but someone had stolen her cash, cards, keys and a Metrocard.

Shuttle sham

A lying thief stole a woman’s wallet and cash on a crowded F train shuttle bus on Smith Street on Nov. 20.

The victim told cops that she was on the bus, which was near Bergen Street, at about 4:18 pm when the perp pushed up against her from behind. The liar said, “Sorry for pushing you, it’s crowding in here.” No, he wasn’t lying about the crowd, he was lying about his intentions — he stole $200 and got of the train before the woman realized what had happened.

— Andy Campbell