Big bucks theft from car


A lucky perp made off with over $12,000 in cash and clothes after busting into a car on Sterling Place on May 2.

The victim told cops that she parked near Washington Avenue around noon, returning a half hour later to find her lock busted.

The thief snatched some suits, a Bose radio — even the victim’s undies — but hit jackpot with $10,000 in $20 bills.

Music critic

A jealous music fan pulled a knife on a teen and snatched his fancy new iPhone while he was listening to music outside the library on May 2.

The victim told cops that he was outside the Brooklyn Public Library branch at 8:40 am when the perp walked up and asked, “What are you listening to?” The victim said, “Nothing,” so the thief got mad, pulled out a knife, said, “Take it out your pocket,” snatched the phone, and ran off.

Grand theft auto

A hit-and-run driver smashed a 2005 Subaru on Park Place on April 25.

Witnesses told cops that the driver of a silver cargo van crashed into the family vehicle at around 8 pm, then took off without reporting it — but not before an eagle eye wrote down the plate number.

206 Park Pl.

Hit and jog

A maniac smashed into two cars parked on Dean Street, then fled the scene on May 1.

A victim told cops that the driver of a 2006 Highlander smashed into two cars around 5 am, got out and ran away on foot.

— Dan MacLeod