Big equipment theft at Glasslands

90th Precinct


Glasslands heist

A thief stole $8,350 worth of music equipment from a Kent Avenue music venue on Aug. 4.

The building owner locked up Glasslands Gallery at 12:15 am, but when he returned to the location near S. First Street the next day, he discovered that a thief had broken the rear door and rear lock and taken several monitors, a DJ mixer, a lighting controller, four microphones, two DJ turntables, and three bottles of Jameson Irish whiskey for good measure.

Wallet swipe

A thug threatened a woman inside her S. Fourth Street apartment and stole her wallet on Aug. 3.

The victim entered her apartment at 3:55 am and encountered the perp lying in wait.

He pushed her up against a wall and said, “I won’t hurt you, give me your PIN number,” so the woman gave up her credit cards.

The thief fled toward Berry Street.

Capital crime

A lady bank robber made off with $1,420 from a Capital One bank branch on Broadway on Aug 3.

The perp entered the bank near Driggs Avenue at 5:24 pm and handed the teller a note, which read, “I have a weapon.”

She did not flash a weapon, but the teller handed over the cash anyway.


A thug struck a man with a metal baseball bat on Morgan Avenue on Aug. 4.

The victim was near Scholes Street at 1:30 pm when the perp approached him with the bat and swung it at his arm. The alleged assailant ran away, but police caught up and arrested him.


Five teenage perps cornered a man on Havemeyer Street on Aug. 6 and stole his iPhone.

The man was near Hope Street at 7:55 pm when the perps surrounded him. One wielded a baseball bat and demanded, “Give me your phone.”

The victim gave it up, and the perps ran away.

Hewes brothers

Five perps stole a man’s cellphone after surrounding him and threatening him with a knife on Hewes Street on Aug. 6.

The man was near S. Fifth Street at 9:10 pm when the perps approached him.

“Where is Havemeyer Street?” one asked before another in the group demanded that he give up his phone. When he refused, another perp said, “I have a knife, give me your phone or I will stab you.” This time, the victim listened and he surrendered his iPhone.

Video scam

A thief posing as a film scout stole a camera and a computer from a S. First Street video store on Aug. 4.

The perp entered the store near Bedford Avenue at noon, asking to take pictures. The manager left him alone, but when she returned an hour later, she saw he had taken her laptop and camera.

Diamond dog

A thief stole a $5,000 diamond from a Union Avenue apartment on Aug. 2.

The tenant locked up his apartment at 8:50 am, but when he returned to the unit near Hope Street at 11:45 pm, he noticed it was gone.

Supply demand

A thief stole $1,200 in medical equipment from a Grand Street supply store on Aug. 3 — but was arrested the next day, cops said.

The thief broke into the store near Graham Avenue at 3:16 pm and took four otoscopes. Police canvassed the scene and arrested a suspect — who still had the pilfered items on him, records show.

Grand bargain

Two thieves stole a watch, iPad and a television from a Grand Street apartment on Aug. 4 — but were arrested an hour later, cops said.

The perps entered the apartment near Roebling Street at 6:15 pm and grabbed the property. But an alert neighbor called the police and the cops caught a suspect minutes later.

Beemer stolen

A thief stole a BMW on Bedford Avenue on Aug. 3.

The driver parked near Metropolitan Avenue at 4:45 pm, but it was gone when he returned two hours later.

Toyota took

A thief stole a Toyota on Manhattan Avenue on Aug. 4.

The driver parked near Maujer Street at 1:20 pm and returned four hours later to find his wheels gone.

— Aaron Short