Bring the noize! Big rap party on Heights pier

Pier 3 along the Brooklyn Heights waterfront will play host to a massive block party on Saturday night — but residents in the quiet hilltop community nearby are already complaining about the noise.

“They did a soundcheck [on Thursday night] and it sounded like they were in my living room,” said one man.

The Oct. 11 event is part of a 17-city, eight-time zone party for the luxury clothing company Diesel, looking for a way to celebrate its 30th birthday. And the “Rock and Roll circus” has its finale in Brooklyn with performances by hip-hop acts N.E.R.D., M.I.A., and Hot Chip.

Organizers of the event, which is inside the footprint of the proposed Brooklyn Bridge Park development, say that sound won’t reach Brooklyn Heights, thanks to “theatrical curtains to muffle noise,” said Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation spokeswoman Lisa Willner.

To boot, the party will also rake in at least $200,000 for the state agency tasked with developing the proposed park, Willner said.

The concert and mega-party itself is meant to evoke the spirit of “the old European traveling circuses of yesteryear,” Diesel explained, and will feature the fire-eaters, trapeze artists, sword swallowers, and roller derby squads.

The event is private, so Heights residents have begun complaining that not only don’t they get invited to the party, but they have to live with the noise, traffic and garbage created by it.

“I pray that it’s not going to go until the wee hours of the morning,” said Brooklyn Heights Association Executive Director Judy Stanton. “We’re just crossing our fingers that it doesn’t really end up keeping people up all night.”

Brooklynites eager anyway to take part in the fun can watch at Diesel.com, where the company will broadcast the party live.