It’s time! Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s cherry blossoms reach ‘peak bloom season’

Enjoy seasonal blooms, musical performances, and more at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.
Photo courtesy of Michael Stewart/Brooklyn Botanic Garden

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — at least it is at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Brooklyn’s sprawling botanical garden is home to nearly 30 types of cherry blossoms, rooted in its Cherry Esplanade and Cherry Walk. Each spring, the picturesque pink and white flowers reach “peak bloom season” — a cherished moment for garden enthusiasts and casual visitors alike as it only happens once a year.

Once a tree starts blooming, it’ll hold its blossoms for about 10 days.

After that, the blooms begin their gradual descent, adding to the garden’s charm with a carpet of petals, BBG Director of Horticulture Shauna Moore said. BBG announced the start of “peak bloom season” on social media and in an e-mail newsletter to fans of sprawling green space on April 22.

Moore said Monday that she expects the blooms to last “another week or so” before their next phase.

“Okame,” a pink cherry blossom located in the Cherry Cultivars area, is usually the first to flower in spring, Brooklyn Paper previously reported, followed about a week later by the weeping cherries, which hang from the branches to the ground, much like weeping willows.

Visitors are encouraged to head to BBG soon to witness the magical beauty of the cherry trees in full bloom.