Brooklyn College gives Muslim students a free pass to mock invited speaker Pamela Geller

Hitler showed us how quickly a civilized nation could fall to fascism, when universities and colleges — self-professed towers of autonomy — were the first to crumble under the Nazis.

American learning institutions are buckling under a similar deviance in similarly alarming times, as Islamo-tyrants crush free speech on campuses across the nation with impunity, including here in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn College claims to offer an education that “broadens our students’ understanding of the world around them,” but it gave a twisted pass to the Muslim students who plunged guest speaker Pamela Geller’s talk about the growth of radical Islam into the type of bedlam found in hell-hole Muslim nations — complete with chants of “Alhamdulillah” (“Thanks be to Allah”), screams of “Don’t come back!” and the index-finger jihadist salute.

The mostly Muslim audience, which later congratulated itself on Twitter, was a relentless bigot, claims an attendee.

“When she said something they didn’t like they would start laughing, snickering, commenting, and then cheering and clapping, and walking in and out just to disrupt her,” says business administration senior Gabriella Goldberg. “They didn’t really let her speak and that was their strategy.”

The yobs also mocked Geller’s supporters.

“One middle-aged Azerbaijani woman told the crowd that she escaped genocide by extreme Muslims who killed 8,000 people from her community, but they started jeering her and belittling her struggle,” says Goldberg. “I was in disbelief that this could actually happen in an event hosted by a college.”

Security officers acted like potted plants, refusing to boot the boors. Yet they had no problem ousting Goldberg’s sister, Melanie, and three other Jewish students for allegedly disrupting an anti-Israel rally two years ago, when they tried to ask a question of a pro-Palestinian guest speaker. An independent investigation tossed out the bogus charges against them, and concluded that controversial events at the college should be “better handled in the future.” Evidently to deaf ears.

The Geller incident reeks of a double standard, claims Melanie Goldberg, now studying law at another college.

“The Muslim students are allowed to harass speakers, but pro-Israel students are expelled for no reason whatsoever,” she says.

Brooklyn College refused to comment or take action, in a slap to its own academic values, earning a failing grade for not bouncing the Islamo-riffraff, and for not protecting the free speech that separates civilized societies from barbaric ones.

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