Brooklyn Paper launches revolutionary ‘Brooklyn Wire’

Brooklyn Paper launches revolutionary ‘Brooklyn Wire’

Welcome to the greatest Web page in Brooklyn.

Starting today, The Brooklyn Paper is offering “The Brooklyn Wire,” a new feature on BrooklynPaper.com that scours the Web for all things Brooklyn.

Our Web geniuses have created a single page that delivers you to the widest range of news, commentary, features and entertainment coverage about Brooklyn on the Web. Bookmark it now. It’s simply amazing.

“This is best thing that’s happened to the Internet since Google,” said sometimes-hyperbolic Brooklyn Paper Editor Gersh Kuntzman.

Here’s how it works: The aggregation — which captures all Brooklyn stories posted on a wide variety of local blogs, Internet pages and newspaper Web sites — is automatically updated every 20 minutes with fresh local coverage.

Then, our crack staff ranks the stories so that the most interesting selections from the Web will appear close to the top.

Now, while enjoying The Brooklyn Paper’s award-winning coverage, you’ll also have access to everyone else’s take on the Brooklyn news of the day — thanks to easy links to all those Web sites.

Finally, one-stop-shopping on the Internet. Once again, The Brooklyn Paper leads the way.