Brooklyn man held on federal charges over series of rapes and robberies

The federal courthouse in Downtown Brooklyn. bail
The federal courthouse in Downtown Brooklyn.
Ajay Suresh via Flickr

Federal prosecutors charged a Brooklyn man for an alleged sexual attack on Wednesday, saying the horrific incident was one part of a “dangerous criminal pattern” of rape and robbery perpetrated by the suspect — some of which occurred while he was out on bail. 

On May 24, Judge James Cho of the Eastern District of New York ordered 29-year-old Chad Barclay to be held in federal custody for the September 2022 incident, when he allegedly drugged an escort, before raping her and stealing over $2,000.  

That was not the first, or last, time Barclay committed heinous actions like that — and he continued his behavior while freed during his pending legal troubles, according to prosecutors. 

That has led investigators to request Cho keep him off the streets during the court proceedings, which the judge granted.

“The defendant has engaged in a dangerous criminal pattern of enticing women to meet with him for various purposes, and then proceeding to rape and rob them through the use of threatening and coercive means,” the feds wrote in court filings.

Since September 2022, Barclay has been arrested and charged three times on rape and robbery charges but he was either released on bond, or without bail entirely. 

Prosecutors believe Barclay continued engaging in the same pattern of raping and robbing victims while he was on supervised release, linking him with multiple open cases — including some as recent as last week. 

Barclay and Jane Doe #1

Barclay met his first victim, referred to only as Jane Doe #1, on an escort website and allegedly persuaded her to travel across state lines to his Brooklyn apartment for sex in exchange for $1,500. The woman told prosecutors that Barclay had agreed to the rules she had set before their meeting, including the use of a condom at all times.

However, on the night of Sep. 13 of 2022, after having a drink prepared by Barclay, she was left her feeling “tired and confused” and was raped without a condom. Barclay then stole $2,000 in cash, telling the woman he was a pimp and part of a Brooklyn gang she owed money to for working in the borough.

Barclay also threatened to hurt and kill the woman, telling her he had men who worked for him monitoring the area near his apartment. After taking her phone and reviewing its content, he also allegedly threatened her, telling her he knew where she lived and that she had a child.

The woman told prosecutors that Barclay did not let her leave the apartment until she notified him that she had told a friend about her whereabouts prior to their meeting, and that the friend was poised to call the police if she did not check in with her.

Barclay was picked up by cops on Nov. 2, but released on his own recognizance while his court case was pending.  

He returned to court on Feb. 21 of this year, where he was arraigned on an indictment charging him with rape in the third degree, robbery in the third degree and other related charges. He was released from custody on March 6 after making bail.

Robbery of a cleaning woman

Days after the rape of Jane Doe #1, prosecutors allege that Barclay hired a woman on Sept. 24 to clean his apartment. 

When the cleaner arrived, Barclay allegedly locked her in the bedroom and told her he had men outside the building who were “more dangerous than him” should she try to leave. It is then purported that Barclay used her phone to try to send himself cash through various platforms such as Cash App and PayPal.

He then demanded the pin numbers to her debit cards so he could clear out her bank accounts at an ATM. Barclay is alleged to have left and come back “banging his fists into his palms” because the pin numbers were incorrect. Jane Doe #2 said she realized that he had incorrectly written down her pin number and provided him with the correct pin number. 

When Barclay left again, the woman fled the apartment and called 911. 

He was arrested Sept. 25 in that case, and released again, before returning to court on Jan. 30 of this year, when he was arraigned on an indictment charging him with robbery in the third degree and other related charges. His bail conditions remained the same. 

Rape in the Bronx while on bail

More recently, Barclay was arrested in connection with a forcible rape that occurred on Nov. 15 in the Bronx. 

In that case, he met Jane Doe #3 after chatting with her on Craigslist. According to prosecutors, Barclay met with the woman in a hotel where he allegedly gave her a clear liquid that caused her to feel tired and disoriented. 

He is then alleged to have strangled and forcibly raped the woman. He also threatened to shoot her if she called the police, according to court filings. 

Barclay’s other actions 

Federal prosecutors said he is currently under investigation for several other instances of luring women to his apartment under false pretenses and either sexually assaulting them or compelling them to engage in sex acts without consent — including some of which were committed within the past week, while Barclay was out on bail.

“Although he has not been convicted of those pending charges, the conduct alleged in those cases demonstrates a danger to the community at large and, more specifically, to the safety of women,” federal prosecutors wrote in court filings.

He will now be held in custody pending his trial.