Brooklyn schools crush Chicago in coding challenge

Brooklyn schools crush Chicago in coding challenge
Photo by Jason Speakman

They really are the Second City.

Hundreds of Brooklyn public schools took part in an online coding workshop last month, helping Borough President Adams win a bet he made with Chicago educators over which town could rally the most educational institutions into participating.

Eighty percent of borough schools participated in the Hour of Code — an hour-long crash-course in creating computer programs — crushing the Midwestern fly-over town, which only managed to mobilize a scant 60 percent of its schools, according to the Beep.

“Brooklyn students won in the Hour of Code challenge, and they will continue winning as they further their coding education,” said Adams.

Pupils participating in the December coding challenge spent 60 minutes working their way through online tutorials to build video games and solve puzzles, with the help of teachers and volunteer computer whizzes.

The newly computer-savvy students say they emerged with a newfound appreciation for the magic of technology.

“I like it a lot,” said Brandon Giang, a fourth-grader at Williamsburg’s PS 86. “When we get home, I race my sister up the stairs to use the computer.”

Adams designated nearly $14 million of his capital funding for tech stuff in schools in 2015 and says he will assign an even larger slice of the pie in the next fiscal year, when he aims to get every single public school in Kings County participating in the Hour of Code.

Under the terms of the bet with the Windy City, the deep-dish-pizza-eating school district is now obliged to film a video of students singing a song about Brooklyn in an admission of defeat.

Chicago Public Schools did not return request for comment.

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