Bullet flies in armored car robbery

90th Precinct


Armored rob

A masked man stole a gun in a bullet-punctuated attempt to rob an armored car on Olive Street on Nov. 4.

The victim was buying breakfast at a deli near Metropolitan Avenue at 6:30 am when the perp grabbed him, pointed a firearm at him, and fired once.

At some point, the gun fell from the driver’s hand, and the perp grabbed it and fled..

Stabber’s dozen

A dozen perps stabbed and beat a 19-year-old man on Grand Street on Oct. 31 — but police arrested all of the suspects.

The victim told police that he had just left the subway station near Humboldt Street at 10:45 pm when the perps chased him, caught him, and started beating him.

At some point, one of the goons pulled a knife and cut the victim on his back and head.

But police say that they found the perps the next day, though cops did not reveal the details.

Bike cutter

A boxcutter-wielding thief stole a woman’s bag and phone on Seigel Street on Nov. 4.

The victim told police that she was locking up her bicycle near Graham Avenue at 6:15 pm when the perp walked up to her, waved the blade, and said, “Shut up, give me your bag!”

The woman refused, but the perp grabbed the purse and her iPhone, and ran away.

Purse plucked

Two thieves stole a woman’s purse on S. Fifth Avenue on Nov. 1.

The victim told police that she was near Keap Street at 12:30 am, when two perps approached her from behind, grabbed her bag, and ran away.

Fly away

A thief stole $198 from a Grand Street boutique on Nov. 4.

The perp broke through the front window of Bird, a clothing store near Bedford Avenue, at 4:55 am, found the cash box, and took the money, and fled — all in four minutes. It was all captured on the store’s surveillance video.


Police nabbed two suspects who allegedly tried to steal two speakers, an iPhone, and some clothes from a truck on McKibbin Street on Nov. 5.

The vehicle’s owner heard his car alarm at 11:50 am and headed to the spot near White Street, where he told police that he saw two thieves trying to disable the alarm.

At some point, the alleged perps fled and the driver called police, who showed up and arrested the perps, according to cops.

Car games

At least three cars were swiped last week:

• A thief stole a Toyota from S. Third Street near Bedford Avenue between 1 and 11 am on Nov. 5.

• A thief stole a Pontiac from S. Fourth Street near Hooper Street between 10 pm on Nov. 3 and 2:30 pm the next day.

• A thief stole a Nissan on Lorimer Street near Broadway between 1 am on Nov. 2 and 7:10 pm on Nov. 4.

— Aaron Short