Bullets and wisdom: Gun-toting thief explains why his victim should fork over his cash

Public service message

A 36-year-old mugger was arrested on Nov. 12 after he pulled a gun on another man on Avenue J, but then took a minute to clarify his apparently clear message.

The victim told police that he was nearing Utica Avenue at 9:44 pm when the thief stopped him in the street and flashed his gun.

“Give me everything in your wallet,” he demanded. But he didn’t stop there. Instead, he decided to lay down some wisdom. “Don’t get shot over money.”

The thief took $16 off his victim, but he didn’t get far. Cops caught up with him a short time later.

Patted down

A crew of thieves jumped a 14-year-old on Flatbush Avenue on Nov. 8, taking $1, as well as his wallet and iPhone.

The victim was nearing Avenue U at 6:20 pm when the two thieves grabbed him. One held him while the other patted the victim down for his valuables.

Terror trio

Three menacing teens threatened a 13-year-old boy until he forked over his property during a harrowing Nov. 11 confrontation on Avenue R.

The thieves — who weren’t much older than the victim — surrounded the boy at about 2:30 pm near E. 33rd Street and said they would harm him if he didn’t hand over his cash and electronics. Responding officers nabbed one of the teens a short time later, charging him with robbery.

Gunning for cellphones

Two thieves pulled a gun on a 21-year-old man during a Nov. 13 holdup on Harden Street.

The victim was nearing Flatlands Avenue at 5:50 pm when the thieves approached.

“If you don’t stop there will be problems,” one of the thieves said before both pulled their weapons and ordered the victim to fork over his phone.

Quite a haul

Two thieves snagged bags containing a whole lot of loot — $85,000 worth — on Nov. 9 during a brief confrontation with a local businesswoman on Ralph Avenue.

Police were not sure if the thieves responsible for the heist between Avenues K and L were lucky or if the 12:28 pm heist was by design.

Boat bilk

A water-crafty thief made off with a pricey Bayliner boat moored off Flatbush Avenue on Oct. 28, police said.

The would-be pirate absconded with the boat from the Gateway Marina sometime after noon, the 36-year-old captain of the pilfered vessel told police.

Shot in neck

A gunman opened fire on a 19-year-old on E. 48th Street on Nov. 7, hitting him in the neck and killing him.

Police said Derron Clarke, a resident of Albany Avenue, was walking between Avenues J and K at 1 am when the gunman attacked. The victim was rushed to Beth Israel Hospital, where he died of his injuries.

Cops were still looking for the gunman by late Tuesday. Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to contact the NYPD CrimeStoppers hotline at (800) 577-TIPS. All calls will be kept confidential.

Rooftop raid

Thieves cut their way through the roof of the HSBC Bank on Ralph Avenue on Nov. 6, taking an undisclosed amount of property.

Workers at the bank, located between Avenue K and Avenue L, said the break-in took place at about 3:15 am, when the thieves cut a hole wide enough to slip through.

Home raid

A brutish thief kicked his way into a Mill Basin home on Nov. 5, choking a woman inside until she gave up her property.

The woman told police she was inside her home between Fillmore Avenue and Avenue T at 9 pm when the fiend — whom she knew — kicked his way inside and attacked her.

Cops nabbed the suspect a short time later, charging him with burglary.

Dognapper sought

A thief broke into a Quentin Road apartment on Nov. 13, taking the tenant’s beloved Pomeranian.

The 18-year-old victim left her apartment, which is between E. 17th and E. 18th streets, 9 pm to party with some friends. When she returned at 5 am the next morning, she realized that someone had pried open her apartment door.

Her $500 dog was the only thing missing, police said.

Empire strike back

Thieves raided Empire United Lines on Coney Island Avenue on Nov. 11, taking an assortments of cash and electronics — as well as a bottle of brandy.

Employees closed up the business, which is between Avenues S and T, at about 6:30 pm. When they returned at 10 am the following day, they realized someone had pried open the front door, which was made of metal.

Non-liquor items taken included two laptop computers, $280, and an iPhone, police said.

Mabat raid

Someone broke into Mabat on E. 7th Street on Nov. 9, taking a safe containing $900.

Workers closed up the eatery, which is between Kings Highway and Quentin Road, at about 1 am. The thief forced in the door and swiped the safe sometime before the restaurant opened at 11:30 am the next morning, police said.


A thief decked a 23-year-old woman, then ran off with her purse following a Nov. 12 clash on Avenue I.

The victim told police that the teenage thief jumped the woman from behind at 11:50 pm near E. 51st Street, and punched her in the back of the head.

“Give me your money,” the man screamed, then ran off into the night with the woman’s belongings.

Not OK

Two masked thieves raided the OK Meet Food supermarket on 86th Street on Nov. 1, swiping a lockbox containing $3,000.

The thugs surprised the three employees as they barreled into the grocery, which is between W. eighth and W. ninthstreets, in Gravesend at 9:32 pm.

The thugs made off with the lockbox after punching one of the witnesses in the face, police were told.

Ecstasy and agony

Three teenage girls jumped an 18-year-old woman following a bizarre, and botched, Nov. 7 Ecstasy buy on Coney Island Avenue.

The woman said that she was walking between Avenue Z and Shore Parkway at 8 pm when the tripped-out trio ran up to her, inquiring if she had any Ecstasy to sell.

When the young woman told the girls to say no to drugs, they beat her and ran off with her purse, cops were told.

Guns and school grounds

Six teenage goons robbed another teen at gunpoint during a harrowing Nov. 8 exchange outside of Sheepshead Bay High School on Avenue X.

The victim was between Batchelder and Coyle streets at 9:40 am when the suspects pulled a gun — and demanded the teen’s headphones.

Police nabbed one of the thieves a short time later, charging him with robbery.

Shot in head

A 37-year-old was shot in the back of his head — but miraculously survived — on Nov. 13 as he sat in a car on Batchelder Street, just outside the Sheepshead/Nostrand Houses.

The victim told police that he was sitting in the passenger seat of his friend’s parked Ford Explorer between Avenues V and W at 2:30 pm when he heard gunshots. One of those shots hit him, but he claimed he never saw the shooter.

Despite being shot in the back of the head, he was listed in stable condition after treatment at Coney Island Hospital.

He was a lot luckier than 25-year-old Ciera Glenn, the young woman who was shot and killed a block away from where he was hit, as she left a Halloween party on Oct. 30. Cops have yet to make an arrest in either shooting.

Anyone with information regarding these two incidents are urged to come forward. Calls can be made to the NYPD CrimeStoppers hotline at (800) 577-TIPS. All calls will be kept confidential.

Buckling up

A teen whipped another teen with a belt buckle during an argument with his brother.

The victim told police he was arguing with one of the two teens at the corner of Kings Highway and E. 16th Street at 5 pm when the sibling interceded, leaving him with a large welt on the back of his neck.

Overpowering perfume

This one doesn’t pass the smell test: A 42-year-old woman was arrested on assault charges for inviting another woman to sniff an overpoweringly pungent name plate that made the unwitting victim pass out on Nov. 5.

Luckily, the victim was already inside Coney Island Hospital on Ocean Parkway at 9 am when the attacker showed up, put the nameplate under her nose and asked her to smell it.

After one whiff, the woman became dizzy. She then became nauseous and her heart rate advanced, police were told. Seconds later, she was unconscious.

Cops arrested the assailant on Nov. 15. It was unclear if they had quarantined the noxious nameplate, however.

Van Sicklen van winkle

A thief crept into a Van Sicklen Street home on Nov. 5, waking up a 25-year-old sleeping inside.

The victim said he was asleep inside the home, which is between Wolf Place and Avenue W, at 11:45 am when the noise startled him. Investigating, he went into his mother’s room, where he found an unidentified man crawling through the window. The 25-year-old forced the thief out of the house and called the cops, but the thief was nowhere in sight when they arrived.