21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Views (Real, Instant & Non-Drop)


There are many reasons people buy Instagram views. Some do it to create a sense of online popularity (like in the case of boosting a personal profile).

Professionals wishing to increase their credibility may also buy views to augment their organic growth. Meanwhile, many businesses do it to give both their popularity and credibility a boost.

After all, buying Instagram views is an impactful social media marketing tactic when used correctly. The main challenge is where to buy them from, so we’re here to help you out. 

21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Views From

With all the social media engagement service providers you’ll find today, we narrowed down our list to 21. We tried and tested them and found that they provide real, instant, and non-drop Instagram views.

1. Stormlikes.net

Stormlikes.net is our favorite source of real video views for our Instagram campaigns. One of the things that we really like about Stormlikes.net is that they have particular expertise on Instagram since they only focused on IG and nowhere else for the longest time.

Although they’re currently expanding their coverage to accommodate other social media platforms, which we’re excited about.

That said, they offer four different IG engagement services: followers, likes, auto likes, and views. They also have two types of views, namely high-quality and premium.

Both will come from real accounts managed by actual people. Again, the only difference is premium ones will come from users who are more likely to engage and participate with your channel. It’s a great option if you want to attract your target audience and have a little bit more budget.

Audiences rated this site as the top service provider. The news sites such as Amny, Newyorkfamily, Qns, Metro, Buffalonews, Business review, Tampabay, Exploreinlife, Searchmen, Fox13now, Brightkeys, Economic Times, Growthwisely, Timesofindia, and Longislandpress recommended as the best-performing site to offer quality Instagram services in the internet. 

If you’d rather enjoy more affordable prices, you won’t regret getting a high-quality plan.

#1 Rated website for 100% safe Buy Instagram views from stormlikes.net

2. Likes.io

When it comes to providing Instagram engagement, nothing beats Likes.io. They are one of the few social media marketing agencies focusing on providing paid engagement for a specific platform: Instagram.

This specialization has given their services a significant advantage in terms of quality and efficiency.

Likes.io has six different Instagram engagement services available. These are likes, auto likes, followers, comments, views, and live views.

You have the option to choose between high-quality and premium views. The only difference between the two is how active the real account holders are.

Premium ones are clearly more likely to engage more with your profile aside from the interaction that you have already paid for.

Best site to Buy Instagram views from Likes.io for as little as $1.99

3. Followers.io

Followers.io is another social media marketing agency that specializes in Instagram. They are known for providing three quality services: Instagram Followers, Instagram Likes, and Instagram Views.

Followers.io have affordable plans that even an up-and-coming social media influencer can afford. However, that’s not the only thing to love about them.

Their quality services are specifically formulated to encourage the growth of organic views. They can give your channel a boost without putting your online credibility at risk because they can perfectly mimic real engagement.

Like the previous companies, Followers.io allows you to choose between high-quality and premium plans.

4. Social-viral.com

You don’t need a passport to expand your reach to other countries. If you want your IG profile to attract Asian audiences, working with Social-viral.com can help.

They have six Buy Instagram Views plans, but the feature we like most about them is their auto-refill. It means that if the views ever falls short, they’ll promptly send new engagement your way and ensure you get all your money’s worth.

5. Tube Views

Tube Views started by offering YouTube engagement but now covers other social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We love that they deeply understand video views, given that they have been providing them for as long as they’ve been operating.

Aside from their genuine engagement, we also appreciate their customer service. They offer multiple channels of reaching out to them. They even have their office addresses listed in case you want to visit them.

6. Player Up

If you’ve been a content creator or social media influencer for a while now, you probably already know that we all operate in different niches. For instance, there are creatives, musicians, beauty experts, and gamers.

We all do our own unique thing within the boundaries of various online categories. Hence, it’s no surprise that certain social media marketing agencies target certain types of online users.

For Player Up, that would be gamers.

Being a marketplace, it is only normal for them to have multiple sellers, but their feedback system sets them apart. They can help you find the best and cheapest engagement providers, courtesy of previous gamers who have already tried their services. 

7. Insta Smart Shop

Insta Smart Shop’s name couldn’t have been more apt. After all, they are a smart provider of engagement services for Instagram.

The instant views they offer are so effective that they have since expanded to accommodate YouTube.

Their Instagram views packages ranges from 5000 and 10,000 views, and they have a Drop Protection feature. Thus, the engagement they’ve provided won’t suddenly fluctuate or drop for any reason after fulfillment.

If it happens, you may contact their customer support team immediately. They’ll be more than happy to assist you in getting your engagement numbers back up.

8. Mega Famous

Like some of the social media marketing companies we’ve featured above, MegaFamous only caters to Instagram. They offer three services: followers, likes, and views.

The best thing about MegaFamous is how they understand the struggles of new brands and influencers. That’s why they are currently offering free IG likes.

They won’t even require your credit card or any sort of verification. All you need to do is drop them your username and email address to get 50 likes for free.

They’re confident that anyone who experiences their free MegaFamous boost would simply sign up for more.

9. EarnViews

Being able to customize engagement services is ideal for increasing the efficiency and success of your social media campaigns. This is what EarnViews want to provide their clients.

They have a wide variety of views services. On the platform IG alone, they already offer reel views, story views, auto story views, and video views.

Each of the views services they offer have five to six plans you can choose from, all protected with a refund policy. This will provide further peace of mind just in case you decide that getting paid engagement isn’t the right direction for your brand. 

10. MemberSell

One of the things that struck us when we first encountered MemberSell was their platform’s simplicity. They have a very straightforward layout and process.

They don’t have IG views listed on their landing page but don’t be mistaken. They already have their order form on their service info page.

All you need to do is choose the plan you wish to get and provide them with the IG page you want to boost along with your email address.

11. SMM Pro Panel

SMM Pro Panel offers instant yet genuine IG views. However, they only have three plans. They’ve made it this way to make it less confusing for their clients.

The minimum and maximum purchases are already stated, as well as whether your plans come with a refill guarantee.

It is also worth noting that their plans are monthly subscriptions, which is a convenient option for busy influencers.

12. Qube Views

It is common for beginners to have limited budgets for their social media marketing campaigns. That’s why we are always looking for agencies offering a money-back guarantee.

Qube Views not only have affordable plans, but you can also request your money back if you aren’t satisfied with their service.

As for their services, they have five IG Views plans, which are all high-quality views from real people with active accounts. Most importantly, they deliver their engagement products immediately after you settle the payment. 

13. FreewaySocial

Many social media marketing agencies focus on their engagement services and nothing more. Not FreewaySocial. Their main objective is to educate their clients to make better social media marketing decisions, particularly on IG.

As such, their primary product is their Instagram course, The Complete Guide to Instagram Growth. It includes over 60 video lectures that will walk you through the process of getting up to 50,000 followers in two months.

That said, they have four Instagram Video Views plans ranging from 1000 to 20,000. They are going to instantly deliver real views of your preferred plan, complete with a 100% guarantee and 24/7 customer support.

14. Buy FB Likes

It’s not hard to guess the initial engagement service that made a name for the next social media marketing company that we’re going to feature. Indeed, the Facebook likes that Buy FB Likes delivered were so impressive.

As such, they eventually expanded their coverage to accommodate other social media latforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

The good news is that all their IG engagement services are on a single page. All you need to do is scroll down until you find the package you need to purchase.

They have four views packages, and we appreciate how they state their delivery times. This additional detail is a huge help when managing social media campaigns.

15. Viralyft 

New IG profiles aren’t the only accounts that can benefit from purchasing engagement. It’s also a good tactic if you wish to give an existing page a facelift. This is exactly the idea behind the social media marketing company, Viralyft.

Their seven Instagram Views packages can meet most needs, from beginner profiles in need of a quick boost or a major brand campaign that needs thousands of new views instantly.

16. Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta is one of the first social media marketing agencies to offer paid engagement for IG. Their expertise and efficiency come from a place of experience.

In fact, their roster of IG-related services is the widest coverage we’ve seen so far. They even offer hashtag research and subscription plans.

In terms of Instagram view packages, they have nine plans. They all come with a refill guarantee for a year. This is a great feature to ensure that your engagement count remains consistent for an extended period of time.

17. IamFamous

Are you planning to extend your reach to Australia? Then we have the perfect social media marketing agency for you.

IamFamous offers eight different Instagram views plans, ranging from 100 to 25,000 views. Like many of the other social media marketing companies we’ve featured, they have Automatic Refill and Instant Delivery features.

18. InstaHotStar

Staying true to its name, InstaHotStar can turn you into an instant Instagram star. They have multiple IG-related packages, and you will be pleased that they have the biggest plans out there.

They sell up to a million IG views per order. Plus, they can give you an impressive discount with their one-time payment scheme.

Don’t worry, as they also have a refund policy. Regardless, you can be sure to receive real views from active IG users.

19. SMM Buz

SMM Buz has an impressive array of IG engagement services. These include 11 Instagram views plans, ranging from 250 to 100,000 views per purchase. Since SMM Buz enjoys real-time updates, you can rest assured that your order will be delivered instantly.

20. Feed Pixel

Getting paid engagement has never been this cute. However, don’t underestimate the efficiency of Feed Pixel just because it has a cute unicorn for a mascot. They only deliver engagement from real and active people. This guarantees that your profile won’t ever be put at risk.

They have four Instagram Views packages, but we recommend trying their Instagram Package Builder. This will allow you to customize your package according to your specific needs and preferences.

You may then choose from their 50+ payment options for different countries.

21. Social-Top

Do you have the budget to splurge on a million views? Then Social-Top is the way to go. They have 12 packages available, ranging from 1,000 to 1M views.

They take pride in having the biggest paid engagement packages with the best price in the market compared to other sources of real views. Their fulfillment is equally impressive as they start delivery a minute after making payment.

The only issue? We hope that they can extend their non-drop guarantee beyond 90 days.

Increasing Your Instagram Views Overnight

It is not easy to achieve Instagram fame. It takes time and a lot of hard work.

Fortunately, there are social media marketing tactics that you can do to hasten your progress. Getting paid engagement from legit sites, especially Likes.io, Stormlikes.net, and Followers.io, is one of these techniques.

FAQs About Buying Instagram Views

At this point, you probably already have a good company in mind where you plan on purchasing your IG views. If you’re still undecided or have doubts, here are some bits of information that can help ease your mind:

1. Does purchasing Instagram views hurt my account?

The answer to this is both a yes and a no.

It can hurt your account if you buy from sites using bots or fake accounts. Plus, several telltale signs show you bought fake views that most Instagram users will notice. Not only will you ruin your reputation, but you’re also more likely to get banned from Instagram.

Worst? You might become a victim of identity theft, especially if the site asks for sensitive information, such as your IG password. Disreputable sites also don’t use secure payment channels, so you’re also exposing your financial information to hackers and other criminals.

On the other hand, purchasing views for your IG content won’t hurt your account if you buy them from legit, established sites. Not only do they have a network of real users with active accounts. They also have enough experience under their belt to make sure they deliver results without breaking any laws and Instagram’s Terms of Service.

2. Why buy Instagram views?

With more than one billion active users who also post content, one of the top reasons you need to purchase real Instagram views is to help jumpstart your profile. Without a good amount of views, it will take years before you can attract your first 500 viewers.

With an initial number of views (purchased), your brand, product, service, or content will get more exposure and have a better social media presence. You will then establish your social proof and credibility, which will be your ladder to your Insta-fame goals because more IG users will be curious about your content.

3. Can you buy live stream viewers?

Yes, some companies, such as Stormlikes.net, offer packages for IG live views.

4. How can I buy genuine followers?

The first thing that you need to do is to pick a legit company where you will purchase your IG views. Then, follow the steps they require to place an order.

Although the process differs from one company to another, here is what most of the sites use:

  1. Sign Up
  2. Verify your account
  3. Log in to your account
  4. Choose a service
  5. Choose a package
  6. Choose a plan
  7. Enter your username or content URL and email address
  8. Choose your preferred payment option
  9. Pay

That’s it! All you have to do is wait for the confirmation and delivery of your complete order.

5. How much does 1k views cost?

The amount of money you need to invest when purchasing 1,000 Instagram views will depend on the company you’re working with and the type of viewers you’re purchasing. Nonetheless, whether you buy high-quality or premium views for your IG content, you usually won’t spend more than $10.

6. What’s the best site to buy real Instagram views?

The best site to buy Instagram views will depend on several factors, such as your budget. That said, it’s best to pick one that allows you to choose between high-quality and premium viewers.

With that in mind, we highly recommend Followers.io for those who are still new to the platform and working on a low budget. Not only are their packages affordable, both high-quality and premium, but a refund policy also protects your order.

Since the maximum number of views you can buy is 50,000 and 40,000, Likes.io will be your best option if you need more. Like Followers.io, it’s IG-focused, and the affordable packages come with money-back and refund guarantees.

Lastly, Stormlikes.net will be ideal for you if you need to purchase affordable genuine views not just for your IG account but also for your other social media accounts.

7. How can I get free views?

While your purchased IG view can help you gain organic views, that won’t be enough. After all, you don’t want to end up purchasing engagement every month until you gain a good social media presence.

To get free, organic views, you must create catchy and engaging content related to your niche. Optimizing your captions and adding the right hashtags are also two of the best practices.