BWAC’s fall exhibits celebrate Hispanic culture and autumnal colors

BWAC debuts four new seasonal exhibitions.
BWAC debuts four new seasonal exhibitions.
Photo courtesy of Richard Resnick/BWAC

The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition is set to kick off their newest gallery exhibitions in Red Hook.

The BWAC, an artist-run non-profit organization has been highlighting the work of both local and national artists for over 45 years through seasonal exhibitions which often include submissions from artists all over the country as well as pieces from local member artists.

The newest exhibitions on view include “Amor Eterno,” the national juried exhibition “Raices,” “Red, Yellow, Orange” and an exhibition of selections from the Brooklyn Watercolor Society.

“Amor Eterno,” meaning “eternal love” in Spanish, pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of Mexican and Aztec celebrations of Día de los Muertos, a holiday dedicated to remembering and honoring loved ones who have died. 

BWAC painting for Día de los Muertos
Arturo Rosales’ piece “La Pinata” hangs as part of the “Amore Eterno” exhibit. Image courtesy of Arturo Rosales/BWAC

At the exhibit, guests and community members are invited to participate in the construction of an ofrenda, or traditional three-tiered altar. The ofrenda will feature mementos, photographs and other meaningful items and messages honoring the dead and will be surrounded by traditional Mexican and Indigenous artworks.

“Raices,” or “roots” in Spanish, is a presentation of works of art which embody the artistic traditions of Hispanic, Latin and Caribbean cultures. An amalgamation of over 300 pieces of art spread over multiple artistic mediums, the exhibition explores the beautiful diversities and experiences of these communities in the US.

painting of woman's face at BWAC
In “Raices,” more than 300 works, including “La Taina” by Rafael Rivera, explore the diversity of Hispanic, Caribbean, and Latin culture. Image courtesy of Rafael Rivera/BWAC

The third show, “Red, Yellow, Orange” is dedicated to the celebration of fall and the vibrant, naturally-occurring autumnal hues that are so prevalent in New York City and across the East Coast. The exhibition explores the individual connotations and connections that each of these colors represent — for example; red can often denote or imply passion, anger or danger; while yellow can elicit feelings of optimism. 

In this exhibition, BWAC artists have investigated what each of these colors mean to them in order to present artworks that evoke familiar emotions or encourage the viewers to reconsider their own interpretations of the colors.

painting of brownstone in fall
For “Red, Orange, Yellow,” artists took inspiration from the colors of fall foliage. Image courtesy of Janice Weiss/BWAC

“Red, Yellow, Orange” is also accompanied by the video “Black and the Red” by artist Mariya R. Bazinet, featuring music by No Love Songs.

The Brooklyn Watercolor Society will also feature select works at BWAC, with art displaying the innumerable techniques used in the creation of watercolor paintings, presented by some of the borough’s best watercolor artists. 

The exhibitions will all be available for viewing at the BWAC’s gallery in Red Hook, from Oct. 28 through Nov. 19 and for more information, visit the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition’s website here.

Correction 10/23/2023, 12:13 p.m.: This story previously misstated the name of the video “Black and the Red.”