Cabbie stabs driver with screwdriver

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Screwy driver

A cabbie stabbed another motorist with a screwdriver in a fit of road rage on Bay 11th Street on Feb. 13, according to cops.

The victim said the livery cab was following him and honking like mad at 4 pm, so he pulled over at Cropsey Avenue to let the cabbie pass.

But the hack pulled over, too, then walked up to the victim’s car and started cursing and banging on the window, a police report states.

When the victim got out of his ride, the cabbie whipped out a screwdriver and stabbed the man in his shoulder and hand, then drove off — in reverse — on Bay 11th Street, officers said.

Plumber’s crack

A 71st Street woman cracked her neighbor over the head with a pipe for no apparent reason on Feb. 13, police said.

Cops said the victim was leaving the building between 14th and 15th avenues at 2:30 pm when the neighbor blind-sided her with a plastic pipe. The victim suffered cuts to the head, and paramedics took her to Lutheran Medical Center, a report says.

Tide of burglaries

Someone is ripping laundry-room cash boxes from the walls of apartment complexes, according to the authorities.

• The brute pried a box from the wall of an apartment on 25th Avenue between Bath Avenue and Harway Terrace in Gravesend at 8 pm on Feb. 6, police said.

• Then a burglar defied four bolts and tore another box from the basement wall of an apartment complex on Bay Parkway between 83rd and 84th streets in Bensonhurst at 11 pm on Feb. 16, NYPD officials said.

The string is not related to a series of 73 cash machine thefts five men perpetrated throughout the city during the last year, police said.


Police pinched a mugging suspect at 86th in Bensonhurst on Feb. 18, after the suspect came back for seconds, according to a report.

Cops charge that the suspect tried to rob a guy near Bay 28th Street at 10, kicking him in the back and reaching into his pocket to search for money.

The guy came up empty-handed and left, but he circled back around and made a second attempt, at which point police caught up with him, NYPD officials said.

— Max Jaeger