Cheese it! New food truck does the perfect grilled sandwich

Cheese it! New food truck does the perfect grilled sandwich
Photo by Tom Callan

Williamsburg residents have yet another terrific excuse to stay out late drinking on the weekends.

The Morris Grilled Cheese Truck will be out trolling Bedford and Wythe Avenues and N. Sixth Street by the end of the month, peddling everyone’s favorite gooey gutbomb — just the thing for wrapping up an evening of alcohol-induced excess.

And in a crafty move geared towards the stroller set, Park Slope will get a bite of the action on weekend afternoons.

“I knew I wanted to have a truck, but it was my girlfriend that ultimately thought of doing grilled cheese,” said owner Michael Jacober. “Everyone loves it, it’s so totally American, and it’s the perfect street food.”

Toasted cheese may sound like child’s play, but in the hands of a chef who has done time at Per Se, Insieme and Annisa in Manhattan and Franny’s in Prospect Heights, it’s sublime.

And there’s even a tribute to the girlfriend who started it all.

“It will have a couple of different kinds of cheeses, minced garlic, pickles, and hot sauce,” revealed Jacober, adding, “I plan on rotating in six or seven new sandwiches a week, plus a dessert option, and homemade soups.”

He’s also sourcing top-of-the-line ingredients, using Murrays and Saxelby Cheesemongers for cheese, and Orwashers, Balthazar, and Granddaisy for bread.

Anyone looking to satisfy an afternoon craving should expect to shell out at least $5 for a sandwich, but a late night, $3 special is in the works.

“I’m still crunching the numbers, but we’ll make it happen,” promised Jacober.

For info, visit www.facebook.com/pages/Morris-Grilled-Cheese or Twitter @ morristruck.