Chicagoans speak out on their new Walmarts

I would more likely come here than a regular Walmart. Here, it’s easy to do self-serve. This is a good opportunity for them to set up in urban markets where they haven’t been before and compete with CVS, Walgreens, and local grocery stores.
— Bill Totzke
Community Newspaper Group/ Aaron Short

Controversy followed Walmart into the Second City, but after years of debate, the Bentonville Behemoth finally opened up stores in the Windy City this year. So our windy correspondent Aaron Short asked your standard, everyday, sausage-loving Chicagoan his or her opinion of Walmart now that the dust has settled.

No, we need something like this. I like the Supercenters better but this store has liquor, fresh fruit and vegetables. That’s great for everybody!
— Alana Gills
Community Newspaper Group/ Aaron Short

No. It’s actually quicker [than other Walmart stores]. It gets crowded but it’s still quicker— and it limits the amount of money I spend. I can get in and out faster and I have fewer options to tempt me.
— Christopher Paschal
Community Newspaper Group/ Aaron Short

My friends told me this is one of the best stores in the United States. It has good prices, good quality and usually it is found in the suburbs.
— Hassan Alsarawi
Community Newspaper Group/ Aaron Short

I guess. I live Downtown. It’s convenient for me. It’s close to my work and to where I live.
— Jenna Milaeger
Community Newspaper Group/ Aaron Short

Yes. I now love Walmart — this is my second one today. They have great food, great prices and the workers are fantastic!”
— Terri Ann Thigpen
Community Newspaper Group/ Aaron Short

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