City to come alive with music during nightly clap

The city will be united in music on April 29.
Make Music New York

Isolated musicians across the city will play as one next week, in a massive show of support for the city’s frontline workers. 

Tenth Intervention, along with sponsors including the Brooklyn Music Conservatory and Make Music New York, hope to attract over 1,000 musicians across the five boroughs to play along with “For Our Courageous Workers” — a newly conceived piece of fanfare.

Brian Drye, the director of the Community Music School at the conservatory, said the event was perfect, as anyone of all skill levels — including professionals, amateurs, and youngsters — could participate. 

“Since the score is something that just about anybody with an instrument can take part in, it makes sense for us a community partner to be broadcasting to our constituents especially our students and families at home right now – giving us something we can all join in together,” he said. “This is a great opportunity to invite our entire music school to participate in something meaningful that brings us together as a community and an important opportunity to shout from the rooftops!”

When New Yorkers take to their windows, doorways, and balconies on April 29 to clap and bang on pans for the nightly cheer honoring healthcare workers, musicians will rev up their horns, guitars, keyboards and drums and belt out a symphony of support for the front lines. 

Musicians will start at 7 pm with an organized concierto that will descend into an all-out catharsis by 7:06 pm, and end with a musical showing of gratitude at 7:09 pm, with vocalists singing “Ah” at any note and musicians droning out in B flat.